Cha-Cha-Change is Here!

Current Openings ScreencaptureWe’re excited about a recent change made to enhance our job seekers’ experience when applying for open positions!  We’re transitioning our Publix Jobs Center to a new system that should deliver a more fluid experience and offer external candidates the convenience of signing-in to the system using their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts.

During this transition, you’ll see that our jobs page has changed, starting with the Distribution, Manufacturing, and Industrial Maintenance jobs.  That’s because we’re posting new positions for these areas in this redesigned Publix Jobs Center.  Previously listed positions for these areas and all Corporate jobs remain posted on our original Publix Jobs Center site.

Here is something that’s really important – it’s a big change from the original system.  Once you submit an application on the new system and you’re found to meet the required qualifications of the job, you’re going to receive email communications from Publix.  Emails will contain instructions that you MUST complete in order for your application to move forward to additional screening steps.  If you have applied on the new site, please check your email, including your spam folder, daily for any communication from Publix!

Here’s what you need to know to search for our open jobs for the next few months during the transition period.

  • We have links to both the new and original Publix Jobs Center on our website.
  • If you’re a Publix associate, you should use the links within the Publix Associates row.  Log in to PASSport > Personal > Career & Self Development for login instructions.
  • If you’re not a Publix associate, you should use the links within the Non-Associates row.   You’ll create your user name (email) and password in the new system or sign-in via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.  If you forget your user name or password, use the links on the login page.

The new system looks a lot different!  Here are some tips and reminders for you if you submit an application on the new system.

Create your profile within the “Edit your profile” link from your personal account.  Once you do that, your information can be pulled into each application you submit.  Bear in mind, the information from the original system won’t be transferred to the new system – but you’ll only have to enter it one time in the new system.

  • You MUST check your email daily for notification of your application status AND to complete additional requirements in order to move your application forward to the next screening step.
  • You can check the status of your application within the “Job submission status” link from your personal account.
  • Here’s what we think will be the best advantage for you, the job seeker:  Don’t see the opening you’re looking for?  You can:
  1. Create a job search agent by clicking on “Search agent manager” in your account
  2. Drop off your resume by clicking on the “Submit resume/CV” link on the new Publix Jobs Center login page.  There will be more on why this is good in a future blog post.
  3. As mentioned earlier, external applicants can link their Publix Jobs Center accounts to their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts for login purposes which makes logging into the system easy.

If you have any questions or trouble, please let us know by commenting on this blog!  No questions?  What are you waiting for?  Start searching for your Publix career by visiting our website now!

Rise to new heights in your career as a Publix Baker!

Publix Baker The first thing many shoppers notice upon entering a Publix is the aroma of freshly baked bread and rolls. It’s up to our team of more than 1,500 Bakers to “rise to the occasion” and produce these mouth-watering delights according to the highest standards possible. If you like to bake, take pride in a job well done, enjoy pleasing people, and work well in a team atmosphere, this may be the job for you!

The Bakery has different roles, such as: Bakery Utility, Baker Apprentice, Bakery Clerk and Baker. Our associates aged 16 and over can get their foot in the door in a Bakery Utility or Bakery Clerk job, but to be a Baker Apprentice or Baker, you must be 18 years of age or older. Want to be a Baker? You must have work experience as a professional baker to fill that role.

Because we strive to deliver premier customer service, we look to hire people who have a passion for people and for whom serving others is second nature.

To learn more about the variety of duties and work conditions you can expect in our Bakery Department, read up on the information here. You’ll also find some information about pay ranges and bonuses you can earn as a Baker and some of the requirements we look for as well. If this sounds like a dream job to you, read more about working for Publix and about the benefits we offer at our careers website at We’re the nation’s largest employee-owned company and have been named to the FORTUNE 100 Best Employers to Work for list for 18 years in a row!

This recipe needs one more ingredient – you!

We have Critical Openings for Bakers and Bakery Clerks in these cities throughout our six-state footprint right now:

Florida: Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Destin, Fleming Island, Key Largo, Key West, Lake Mary, Largo , Longwood, Panama City Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Sandestin, Sanford, St. Augustine, Tampa

Georgia: Atlanta, Brunswick, Savannah

South Carolina: Bluffton

If an opening is noted in a city near you, why not head to your nearest Publix in that city and apply? And even in the event there are no openings, you can always apply in case an opening arises.
What questions do you have about working in this department, or at Publix, that we can answer for you?

The Inside Scoop on an Internship with Publix


We hear about the importance of networking throughout college; how it can be the very key to landing our dream job. However, all this talk just makes the practice of networking become intimidating. Suddenly, we’re worried about finding things to talk about and having wimpy handshakes. I’m happy to report that  when I became part of the Publix Internship Program in the Summer of 2015, that fear started to slip away.

In every department, I was constantly greeted with smiles and engaging conversation. The culture of Publix made networking no longer something to fear, but to get excited about. As an added bonus, interns were treated to executive luncheons.

Yes, we got to eat with Ed Crenshaw and Todd Jones! I know what you’re thinking, “The fear came flooding back,  didn’t it?” Actually, no, not at all. Publix’s CEO and President were both kind and down to earth. I don’t know how, but they managed to remember everyone’s name. And as we all know, there is no quicker way to feel acknowledged than when someone remembers your name.

It’s the things like a cube mate’s friendly demeanor or the CEO treating you like an equal, that take away the intimidation in networking, and make you realize you are a part of the Publix family; instead of just another intern at some faceless corporation.

Real World Experience

In addition to the value of networking, internships are important for gaining valuable work experience.

For the past three months, I’ve been tasked with meaningful and challenging projects. The two main projects I worked on were creating databases to determine a particular program’s success, and re-establishing an internal career development program to aid current associates along their career journey with Publix. Since we are a promote-from-within company, this is a particularly important initiative.

At the end of the day, it was fulfilling to know I was working on projects which were benefitting others, and allowing me to grow.

Lessons Learned

I want to take a moment to share a few lessons I’ve learned through my internship, which might benefit you in the future.

  1. Work hard but stay humble. Strive to be the very best you can be right where you are. When we get prideful and think we deserve to be in a higher position, our work starts to reflect our negative attitude.
  2. Double check all documents before sending them out. It’s easy to make a mistake when you’re in a rush. Breathe, take a second, and re-check your work. You don’t want a simple spelling error to distract from an assignment you put so much effort into.
  3. Be proactive because time is limited. Being proactive shows others that you truly want to be an asset and, if anything, it provides you with amazing opportunities to learn. Knowledge only makes us more valuable.
  4. Invest in others. This lesson comes from Mr. George himself. Whether it’s through giving your time, kind words, or a listening ear, investing in others is what develops a great associate and overall person. Whatever your aspirations may be, I promise you, there will always be value in investing in others.

Any questions? Ask away!  I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog entry about my experience with Publix’s Internship Program!