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Using the Web to Advance Your Career

The Internet has become an invaluable tool for job seekers, and even for people content where they are but curious about other opportunities.   Let me walk you through several Internet tools to use to your advantage. Major job boards – These are websites that post job openings across many industries and locations.  Here is a [...]

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Which Publix stores are hiring right now?

This is a question we hear daily, and for good reason.  When people want to work in our stores, they want to know where and what the openings are. The most critical openings are posted on our Careers website . They are also posted on our Careers Facebook page . These are usually positions that [...]

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The value of a master’s degree

My last blog provided guidance on how to determine the value of a bachelor’s degree. Let’s go one step further this week and examine the value of a master’s degree. One thing’s for sure. More people are pursuing master’s degrees than ever before. From 2000 to 2012, the annual number of master’s degrees that were [...]

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The value of a college degree

What’s the truth? Is a college degree worth the cost? It’s fact that a person who earns a college degree, on average, will make $570,000 more over a lifetime than someone with only a high school degree. Just as important, college graduates are more likely to be employed. Last month, the unemployment rate was 3.8 percent [...]

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My Top 10 List of Job-Seeker No-No’s

I review tens of thousands of resumes each year. I marvel at the multitude of talented, interesting individuals in this world! But it breaks my heart to see how many people throw away their chances of getting selected for a job they covet because of carelessness or downright lack of effort. Here is my Top [...]

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Pursuing a career or stuck in a dead-end job?

A new study shows that Americans in jobs paying less than $35,000 a year are even more pessimistic about their futures than they were during the recession. 67% of all low-wage workers said they saw “a little” or “no opportunity” at their jobs for advancement. Half are “not too” or “not at all” confident that [...]

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Nail that cover letter!

I work with hundreds of hiring managers at Publix, from those in our stores to those in our corporate, distribution and manufacturing facilities. And I can tell you there is no magic formula to writing a cover letter. In other words, nothing will guarantee that your cover letter will be read. However, I have discovered [...]

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Tips on how to impress recruiters and hiring managers

Trying to land the job of your dreams can be akin to negotiating a maze, where you continually are forced to decide which path to take, right or left, right or left, right or left. Well, I’ve got some research hot off the press that gives you a look into the mind of more than [...]

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Managing our stores

I received a call recently from a man with a Ph.D. in finance.  He was interested in becoming a District Manager for Publix. Each of our District Managers oversees operations for about 10 Publix stores.  To rise to that position, you need exemplary experience as a Store Manager.  And you can’t become a Store Manager [...]

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Fast-track management programs

Quite a few retailers visit college campuses to market their fast-track management programs. They offer management trainee positions to some of the new graduates who want to be managers as quickly as possible. These are generally hourly positions with little management authority, but with a clear progression to management positions if training is completed, performance is [...]

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