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Seasonal opportunities in our stores

Many Publix stores are located in areas that have tourist seasons.   When these visitors arrive, our delis and bakeries get busier, our shelves need to be restocked more often, and all checkout lanes are opened.  As a result, we need more employees to handle the load.  We hire hundreds of temporary associates each year to [...]

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Become a Publix “Foodie”

Are you a “foodie” who would like to take your interest to the next level?  Want to build your “hobby” into a career? As the saying goes, “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” If you’re a foodie anyway, you’re halfway there.  Think about your last visit to Publix.  [...]

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Which Publix stores are hiring right now?

This is a question we hear daily, and for good reason.  When people want to work in our stores, they want to know where and what the openings are. The most critical openings are posted on our Careers website . They are also posted on our Careers Facebook page . These are usually positions that [...]

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Pharmacy Technician Careers at Publix

Did you ever think that you could start a career in healthcare at Publix?  Well, you can!  We have 925 pharmacies and we just keep growing!  One of our greatest needs is for Pharmacy Technicians, who serve an integral role in helping Publix customers get well and stay well.  The US Department of Labor says [...]

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Service members and veterans let’s talk!

As the Blue Star mom of two Iraq War veterans, I’ve been honored to interact with service members, vets and military families for more than a decade now. I’m constantly struck by the altruism, professionalism and decency you all possess. And it pains me to hear of the challenges that vets face in finding gainful [...]

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Managing our stores

I received a call recently from a man with a Ph.D. in finance.  He was interested in becoming a District Manager for Publix. Each of our District Managers oversees operations for about 10 Publix stores.  To rise to that position, you need exemplary experience as a Store Manager.  And you can’t become a Store Manager [...]

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Fast-track management programs

Quite a few retailers visit college campuses to market their fast-track management programs. They offer management trainee positions to some of the new graduates who want to be managers as quickly as possible. These are generally hourly positions with little management authority, but with a clear progression to management positions if training is completed, performance is [...]

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Why we ask retail job seekers to apply in person

I don’t know what I would do without the Web, and I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way. When I need to buy a big-ticket item like a car or an appliance, I go to the Consumer Reports website for advice, and then immediately check out prices online from reliable vendors.  Projects [...]

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Who wants to work at a supermarket?

The American culture attaches a lot more status to doctors, lawyers, bankers and professors than to cashiers, stock clerks, bakers, meat cutters and grocery managers.  So some people wonder how anyone could enjoy these “lesser” jobs.  Perhaps some of the stories below will provide answers.  I have received more than 660 letters from Role Model [...]

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More tips on landing jobs at Publix stores

My last blog included tips on determining whether a customer service job is right for you and, if so, how to apply for employment in our stores.  This time I’ll share some tips on how to prepare for and take full advantage of an interview if you are called by one of our stores. If [...]

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