By Publix - January 1, 2013

PASSport provides access to your personal information


Although you probably log in to PASSport every week, you may have been distracted by your schedule or pay information to see the riches available to you throughout the website.

From any page, you can access links to Our Company, Handbook, Manage Login and Help. The Our Company link takes you to a page with facts, history and awards. You also can find our mission statement on the left side of this page.

After clicking the Handbook link, you can access Your Associate Handbook. You can view the entire handbook, request a printed copy or review the summary
of changes.

If you need to change your password or security questions, click the Manage Login. For a summary of questions and answers, visit the Help. If what you’re looking for isn’t listed, you can view the full list of department phone numbers and contact the department that handles it.


Each month a new message from CEO Ed Crenshaw is available on the right side. The home page also provides quick access to view and edit your address, benefits and pay information.

Pay, benefits and personal tabs

The Pay, Benefits and Personal tabs each contain a gold mine of information on the left side of the page. You can uncover the answers to commonly asked questions, access helpful links and charts and find contact numbers for additional information. If you haven’t before noticed this valuable information, you’ll want to take another look.

Pay tab

From any Pay page you can access your pay information, direct deposit, withholding, electronic W-2s and statement history pages. Within these pages you can view and edit your bank account used for direct deposit, federal withholding amount and W-2 distribution method. You also can access pay statements from the last 18 months.

Benefits tab

On the Benefits page, view summaries of your benefits information, vacation/sick hours and retirement benefits. You can read about making coverage changes and access the websites for our benefit plan providers. On the left hand side of the page, the Group Benefits, Publix Personal Plans and Retirement tabs each contain resources specific to those benefits.

Personal tab

The Personal page gives you a glance at your personal information. Your information is also editable on this page. Review this page to ensure the correct address, phone number, email, emergency contact and race are listed. You can also view your work history on this page. The work history section provides you with a summary of pay rate changes you have received, position changes you have accepted and your hire date.

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