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The “Keys” to Success: Working in Key West

Have you ever visited the Florida Keys? With over 113 miles of islands of open water and incredible landscape, there are plenty of options to vacation. But what if paradise was your place to call home? These islands are rich with fun activities, history, nature, and most all, job opportunities.

Take a trip with us to discover how working for one of our stores in the Keys could benefit you and your career. We’ll be highlighting stories from real associates who work for Publix and live where you vacation. Our first stop is in Key West!

Meet Ernesto, Meat Manager

Ernesto started his Keys blog Ernesto resizedcareer with Publix in 2009 as a seafood clerk in Homestead, Florida. After a few years of hard work in lunchmeat, cheese, and frozen foods, he was promoted to meat cutter in 2013. Shortly after, in 2014, he moved to Key West to become an assistant meat manager. Only three short years later, he was promoted to meat manager. Ernesto went from an entry-level role to a management position in just five years! After moving to the Keys, his window for opportunity grew even larger.

Ernesto credits his success at Publix to his desire, early-on, to stand out. He shared, “if you want to advance in Publix, you need to look for the most challenging places and situations and be the source of improvement. You have to be the change that will make an associate better, a department better, and a store better through your own perseverance and commitment.”

While moving to a new area can be intimidating, it has helped Ernesto become more well-rounded both personally and professionally. “Working in the Keys always reminds me of my own ability to learn and grow,” he explained, “it is a place with constant shifting needs and requires more than one management style to confront different business needs and unique situations.” These challenges have helped Ernesto become a better leader, and have helped him form strong, one of a kind bonds with fellow managers who are navigating similar waters.


Why Key West

Aside from living in a tropical paradise, with an average high temperature of 77 degrees, there are plenty of reasons Ernesto loves living and working in Key West. He shared that there are so many ways to spend your free time. When he’s not at work, he enjoys partaking in community events, and going fishing. There are plenty of options for water related sports and activities. He takes advantage of living in this oasis by spending time on the water every chance he gets.

Ernesto also said that living in the Keys has given him a great sense of community. “People come together for all different types of causes and are always looking out for one another. Everyone is friendly, and inviting, and while Key West is a big area, it has a small-town feel. Key West has always felt like home.”

Ernesto is thankful he made the move and encourages others to do the same. He advises current and future associates looking to work with us in the Keys: “Demand a lot of yourself. Come here with an open mind and know that you will have to be malleable and driven to succeed. The challenges you will face won’t be easy, but the growth you will experience is invaluable.”

Ready to dive in to your future career in the Florida Keys? You can apply online today! Check out our critical openings to see which of our stores in the Keys are looking to make immediate hires.

If you are a current associate, and are interested in making a move, talk to your store manager about transferring. As an associate, you are eligible to register your interest for one of 17 positions that lead to management in any of our departments.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to hear from more associates like Ernesto. Don’t forget to join us next month when we travel to Key Largo!


Publix Ranks as one of the Best Workplaces for Millennials

Publix has been named one of Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Millennials. Publix ranked No. 34, up from No. 62 last year. More than 4.5 million millennials were anonymously surveyed about their work experiences and potential growth opportunities within their organization, as well as their perceptions on their companies’ levels of innovation, values and quality of leaders.

Our associates are the key to our continued growth and success. We take pride in investing in our associates through benefits like our employee stock ownership program, 401(k) options and tuition reimbursement. Our leaders are committed to our “promote from within” philosophy and dedicated to preparing our associates for opportunity, both personally and professionally.

But, don’t take our word for it.  Keep reading to hear from some of our millennial associates about how Publix has helped them realize their true potential.

Megan – Photographer

“PMeganublix has given me stability while allowing me to continue exploring my passions. They’ve given me a way to invest in my future with a retirement plan and put me in a place financially to be able to afford my first home, all on my own. I continue to learn in my role every day. I feel lucky to have found the rare combination of love for my work and financial independence.

I was 19 years old when I first started working in our stores, thinking this was just a stepping stone to get me through college. At the time, I was in art school, working three jobs, and trying to figure out where I wanted to go post-grad. I later learned about the Photography team at Publix, and that they operated in a traditional studio format, which is what I had learned in school. I applied when the opportunity became available and never once looked back. The greatest part about my career is that I am still a student in a sense. I’ve learned just as much working for Publix as I did in my four years of college.

It’s not just a career Publix has provided me with, it’s worlds deeper than that.”

Jared – Deli ManagerJared

“I believe Publix does a wonderful job of making their associates feel valued. For me, personally, Publix has given me the opportunity to grow within the company. Whether through mentoring or training, Publix has taken the time to invest in its future leaders. As a millennial, this is crucial in my success because I believe loyalty and self-worth are some values that we find most important. A mentor of mine once said, ‘People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care,’ showing that often people are willing to do it your way when you are willing to show them how valuable they are.”


Ciara – Interviewing Specialist for Distribution

“Publix hCiaraas provided me stability and the opportunity for growth. Before Publix, I thought my career was going to be in basketball. I came in as a temporary associate just looking for a source of income to take care of my family. I am very proud to say that I have now been with Publix for five years, and I am looking forward to my continued growth with the company.

I went to school for business but was hired in Printing Services as a warehouse worker and later moved into a position as an equipment operator. Now, I am the interviewing specialist for non-refrigerated warehousing.  My leaders have taken me by the hand and guided me through every obstacle I have faced, and they have helped prepare me for every opportunity that has come my way.”



If you are ready to be a part of this team and start a fulfilling career, visit our Talent Application Gateway and apply online to work at a store near you. Interested in one of our support locations like distribution, manufacturing or corporate offices? Visit our corporate website and check out our current openings. We are always looking for new additions to the Publix family.


Publix Patriots: E5 Sergeant to District Manager

We appreciate the commitment our veterans have made to this country and understand that level of dedication often makes for a stellar addition to the Publix family. Last year, Publix was ranked as one of the best workplaces for veterans by Indeed. We want to show everyone why! Our Publix Patriots blog series showcases real veterans who found success in a second career at Publix Super Markets.

We are honored to employ veterans and hope to spread the word about the opportunities available with this company that is so much more than “just a grocery store.”

Allyn ThenMeet Allyn, District Manager

Allyn started working at Publix as a front service clerk when he was 16 years old. What began as a way to earn some cash to afford his own car, turned into a lifelong career. Allyn is now a district manager, and just celebrated his 38-year anniversary with Publix. Six of those years were also spent serving in the United States Army.

He began his active duty in the United States Army in 1983 and remained active until 1987.  He then returned home where he was on active reserves until 1989. Allyn kept his tenure with Publix during his time away and used the leadership experience he gained in the military to grow into management.

Before leaving active duty, he was responsible for 15 soldiers: their training, daily activities, and preparation for ceremonies at venues like the White House. During his time in active reserves, he was the communications sergeant in the Special Forces. He was the direct contact for the company commander and all the teams on their missions. After six years of military experience under his belt, Allyn was eager to use what he had learned as an E-5 Sergeant and squad leader.


How Allyn’s Military Background Helped Him at Publix

Allyn NowThe military taught Allyn to pay attention to detail. The way he dressed, how he behaved, and the way he responded under pressure was all very closely monitored in his unit. He also learned that if he wanted a promotion, he had to earn it. In the military, you have to work hard to rise to a higher level. Similarly, at Publix, we value a promote from within culture. Our associates start in entry-level roles and work their way up into management.

Allyn advises anyone interested in a leadership role in the military, at Publix, or both, to “work hard, be selfless, be humble, and be there for your team. It is important to respect others: both your team and our customers. We are here to serve, so have a servant’s mentality.”

There are seven values held and taught by the United States Army: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. Selfless service is what Allyn feels is the core of everything we do at Publix and is something he learned early in his military career. The United States Army expects their soldiers to put the welfare of the nation, the Army, and their subordinates before their own without thinking about recognition or personal gain.

“Being selfless in life is to know true happiness,” Allyn shared, “like the military, Publix leaders must be selfless. Our role is to mentor others to help them grow and achieve their goals in life. We are a team, a family, and we must always be there for each other.”

*Pictured: Allyn (on the far right) and Store Manager, Robert, presenting a gold coin award to Ryan, Assistant Customer Service Manager, at store number 1132.


If Allyn’s heartfelt message helped you see the opportunity for personal and professional growth at Publix, you can start your career today. Apply online using our Talent Application Gateway.

There are so many career paths available to anyone at Publix. We offer a variety of non-management positions in all our departments to help you get your foot in the door. You can even visit our critical openings list to see if there is a store near you looking to hire right away.

Allyn’s servant heart and dedication stems from his military experience and is a big part of what we look for in a candidate. If you or someone you know is a veteran looking for a new career with similar values, share this story and some of our others. Be sure to follow us and stay tuned online to our Publix Patriots blog series where we will continue to share the success stories of our military veteran associates.

Publix Patriots: Senior Chief Petty Officer to Meat Manager

People often hear that Publix was the first and last career for a lot of our associates. For many of us, including our CEO, our careers began bagging groceries as a part-time job. What people don’t always hear about are those associates who experienced a fruitful first career they are proud of, prior to finding their home at Publix. So many of these stories are representative of our military veteran associates.

We appreciate the commitment our veterans have made to this country and understand that level of dedication often makes for a stellar addition to the Publix family. Last year, Publix was ranked as one of the best workplaces for veterans by Indeed. We want to show everyone why! Our Publix Patriots blog series showcases real veterans who found success in a second career at Publix Super Markets.

We are honored to employ veterans and hope to spread the word about the opportunities that lie within this company that is so much more than “just a grocery store.”

Meet Trent, Meat Managertrent then now

Trent has been with Publix for seven years, after a 26-year run in the Navy. He is a retired senior chief petty officer who oversaw the Aviation Water Survival Training Center at NAS in Jacksonville, Florida. His journey with Publix began as a meat cutter apprentice, a position that leads to management. Trent applied to work at Publix upon his retirement from the military because he’d heard from the community about our positive reputation as a brand, as well as an employer.

Trent has enjoyed his tenure at Publix and shared that working at a grocery store was more challenging than he originally thought it would be. Trent said, “There are so many people who are willing to assist you in your career progression at Publix, as long as you are open to the input.” With support from coworkers, and leadership, he continues to learn and grow each day.


How Trent’s Experience Applied to Publix

Having been a senior chief petty officer and master training specialist in the Navy, it was very easy for Trent to train new associates once he became a meat manager. The leadership courses he took during his time in the Navy helped him learn techniques for developing people, which he used to foster a positive morale in his department. This, in turn, increased productivity and associate performance.

Trent’s advice to veterans considering employment at Publix is: “If you are ready to start a new career, then this is the place for you. Continue to perform as you did in the military. The more you learn, the more it will help you move up the chain of command.”

We feel lucky to have Trent as part of our team and appreciate his service to this country. Do you have retired military friends or family members who are looking for their next step? Share these Publix Patriots stories and the link to apply on our Talent Application Gateway. Our stores are always accepting applications and hope to continue creating stories like Trent’s. Remember to follow our page on LinkedIn (@PublixPatriots) to stay connected with us!

Take Your Child to Work Day with Molly

For the last molly TYCTWDseveral years, Publix has participated in Take Your Child to Work Day. It’s an opportunity to educate and provide meaningful experiences to the children of our associates. You might have seen children behind the register, or stocking shelves while shopping in some of our stores. Our corporate offices partake, as well! The agenda for the day is coordinated by our administrative teams and is full of learning, exploring, and, of course… snacking.

Today, we got to spend time with Molly. She dreams of one day being able to work in the Human Resources department for Publix, just like her mom and dad.

Molly had such a great time at the office today that she wanted everyone to know why they, too, should consider making a career at Publix.


“Hi. My name is Molly, and I am 9 years old. Today, I went to ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’ and I had so much fun. I got to go to my mom’s work place and watch her work. Then, I went on a nature walk Molly Marcy TYTWDwith my dad. I want to talk about some reasons why you might want to work at Publix.

Reason #1: It’s a fun environment.

Publix has great people there to get you through the day. It also has a welcoming environment, even if you don’t work there. There is tasty free food for lunch, and I really like the dress code. It’s so fun, and you can make new friends here every day.

Reason #2: It’s a good company.

My mom says she loves the job security here. She doesn’t need to worry about losing her job unless she does something really bad. Also, Publix does a lot of charity work. They are always giving. I also like that there is always work to do, so that you are never bored.

Overall, Publix is a great place to work. And I don’t know about you, but I am excited to work there some day.”


We had such a fun day with Molly, and know she has the right attitude, and passion, to make her dreams a reality. You can too!  If Molly sold you on a career at our corporate offices, feel free to learn more about different job opportunities on our careers site. If you’re not sure where you might fit, you can try our Job Match Tool and find out what departments you might be interested in based on your skills, interests, and experience.

Publix was built on a promote from within culture! There are often corporate positions that require retail experience, or are visible only to current associates. If you want to get a foot in the door, you can apply to work at any of our retail locations on our Talent Application Gateway.

Thanks for spending time with us today, Molly! We can’t wait to see where your love for Publix takes you.

Molly HR

Fortune Names Publix One of the Best Companies to Work For – Again!

BCTWF Fortune

We did it again! For 22 years running, Publix has been named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. We have made this list since its inception in 1998, and that is no coincidence.

This recognition has been made possible because of the culture our associates have cultivated, along with their positive responses to an anonymous survey and Culture Audit questionnaire.

Our associates are dedicated to making Publix a place “where shopping is a pleasure,” and they don’t stop there.  This type of commitment is contagious, and makes our associates proud to be with Publix. They share a passion for top quality service and products with each other and our customers. Our associates truly emulate what our founder, Mr. George, always said about working at a grocery store: “We’re not only in the grocery business, we’re in the people business.”


In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked the associates (left to right)  featured in the above photo, what they love about Publix, and what they believe makes it a great place to work:

Inishka, Warehouse Supervisor
“Publix believes in bringing your whole self to work. This means different things for different people, and for me it means that I can be recognized and appreciated for my contributions and all aspects of who I am.”

Michelle, Store Manager
“Publix allows me to go as far as I wish to go with my career. It’s a fun, and always changing work environment.”

Cedrick, Customer Service Staff
“The possibilities here are endless. The sky is definitely not the limit at Publix.”

Jesse, Deli Manager
“Working for Publix gives me the opportunity for greatness, which is something I always strive for. Publix helps me get there.”

Yetti, Manager in Real Estate Accounting
“What I love about Publix is that we each have the opportunity to do anything in the company, as long as we are willing to learn. Publix has always given me the tools I need to be successful.”
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Publix is a Top-Rated Workplace for Veterans!

David Simon Veteran and Publix AssociatePublix has been named 37th of 50 Top-Rated Workplaces for Veterans in an inaugural list created by based on veterans’ reviews of their workplaces and contender companies’ workplace initiatives focused on supporting veterans.

David S. started at Publix as a bagger in 1986 while still in high school. He moved into corporate purchasing in 1998 and now serves as Senior Manager of Supply Chain Logistics at Publix. He recently retired from the U.S. Army Reserves after 23 years and served three tours supporting operations in Afghanistan and the Middle East as a combat engineer clearing explosive devices.

“The culture here at Publix is just so supportive.” David said. “Whenever I deployed my coworkers would send over care packages and check in on my family all the time. And when I came back after deployments, my managers took extra care to make sure I was comfortable with the position I’d be entering to ensure my transition back to civilian life was a smooth one. It really is like family working at Publix,” he said.

We are proud to be recognized by Indeed for our track record in employing veterans. We are even more proud to employ standup veterans like David and treat them like a member of the family. Because that’s what Publix is – family!

Love the idea of working for a company that celebrates veterans in the workplace but not sure where you might fit in? Try our Publix Job Match tool to hone in on the best fit for you here at Publix.

Publix is a great place to work for women

Publix is honored to again be named to Fortune's Best Workplaces for Women.

Publix is honored to again be named to Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women.

We’re honored to be among the 100 companies on Fortune Magazine’s Best Workplaces for women in 2018. We are doubly honored that this recognition is based in large part on the extent to which our female associates feel about our workplace and their ability to reach their full human potential.

This video shares the story of Shannon, one such woman who has, literally, grown up in our company and whose career has grown through newly created positions at each step of her journey into leadership here at Publix. Though Shannon’s story is unique, she reflects on an important theme here at Publix: career opportunities abound and you can embrace them and grow here.

Are you attracted to the idea of working for a company in which you are treated with fairness and respect? A company invested in you because you are invested in it? In which opportunities abound? Visit our Publix Jobs Center to search for openings in our support areas. If you are a people person and like the fast-pace of a retail career, learn more about our in-store careers here.

We’re an Indeed Top-Rated Workplace again in 2018!

Indeed top rated workplace imageIt’s official! We’ve been named one of the best -of-the-best employers out there according to Indeed’s Top-Rated Workplaces in 2018! The list is compiled from this year’s Fortune 500 list based on 72 million ratings and reviews of companies on Indeed Company Pages. Ranked at number 19 this year, Publix is the only supermarket chain on the list.

Marcy Hamrick, Manager of Talent Acquisition, said “I’m proud of this recognition and would like to thank all of the job seekers and associates who took time to review us on Indeed. Providing this type of feedback, in an open and honest manner, has helped set us apart.”

In addition to this honor, high marks given in job seeker and associate reviews prompted Indeed to recognize Publix as one of three examples of great organizational culture, among the most attractive companies for job seekers in and a best retail company to work for in 2017..

Can you picture yourself working for large customer-centric company that treats its associates right? is your first stop to learn more about working here and how to apply. Head over and check us out!

Millennials recognize Publix as a Great Place to Work!

We’re proud to announce that we’re ranked among Fortune Magazine’s Best Workplaces for Millennials list – for the third consecutive year! Millennials gave Publix high marks as an employer on more than 50 different metrics defining great workplaces – such as managers’ competence, respect and fairness in the workplace, opportunities for meaningful work, and great colleagues. To determine the ranking, the Great Place to Work Institute™ surveyed 434,000 millennials at companies that have been certified as a Great Place to Work.

Millennials currently outnumber Baby Boomers in the workforce – both here at Publix and nationwide. And while our benefits are meant to appeal to people of all ages, here are some that may be of particular interest to Millennials: training and development, a promote from within philosophy, tuition reimbursement, and flexible scheduling. Plus, most of our associates are also company owners – so we have shared goals as we complete our daily work. And at Publix, we are committed to sustainable practices and giving back to our communities.

“Our associates are the heart of our company,” said CEO & President Todd Jones. “We work to create an environment where our associates enjoy coming to work for the opportunities they have and the relationships they form. At Publix, we provide resources for our associates to help them develop throughout their careers.”

The full results of the Fortune Best Workplaces for Millennials are available here.

Want to learn more about where you might fit in here at Publix? Let our virtual career counselor, Publix Careers Job Match, guide you.