Publix Associate Career Fairs: one example of investing in our associates

What makes our culture so different here at Publix?

One reason is the time,  effort and energy we put into developing our most important resource: our associates!

Our Publix Associate Career Fairs are a great example of this. Held periodically throughout the year in participating districts, these events are for store associates interested in progressing in their careers at Publix. It gives them a chance to meet with managers at the department, store and district level to learn more about their jobs, jobs in their or other departments that might interest them, and about what it might take to progress into management.  We think it’s a great program, and the enthusiastic attendance by associates eager to grow in their Publix careers suggests it’s a popular one. And it only makes sense to invest in our associates – since Publix is an associate owned company!

But don’t take our word for it!  See for yourself:

Publix moves up on FORTUNE’s Global 500 list

many hands together: group of people joining handsThank you for all your hard work and effort, Publix Associates!

Moving up from 388 to 317, Publix is again part of that elite group of companies named among the FORTUNE Global 500 largest companies. These rankings change each year, based on factors affecting each country’s own and the global economy.  Publix finds itself among the top 15 of Food and Drug Stores on the list and has been a member of the Global 500 list for 22 years.  

In addition to it’s position on the FORTUNE Global 500 list, Publix is also ranked #87 on the FORTUNE 500 largest companies (U.S.), #49th among the FORTUNE World’s Most Admired Companies, and #67 on the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

The FORTUNE Global 500 ranks by total revenues those largest of global corporations located worldwide that publish their financial data and report their figures (all or some) to a government agency.  For 2015, FORTUNE’s Global 500 largest companies generated more than $27 trillion in revenues and $1.5 trillion in profits. These companies are represented by 33 countries and employ a combined 67 million people worldwide.


Publix among Glassdoor Candidates’ Choice Award-winners

2016 Glassdoor Candidates' Choice Awards Best Places to InterviewWe owe so much to our managers! Including this:

Career website Glassdoor named Publix among it’s Candidates’ Choice Awards winners as one of the nation’s top 50 Best Places to Interview. The award recognizes employers with the highest percentage of job candidates who have reported a positive interview experience over the past year. Glassdoor arrived at the ratings based solely on feedback shared by job candidates on Glassdoor, Publix ranked No. 11 overall and was rated highest in the grocery stores and supermarkets category.