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Manufacturing jobs at Publix: your key ingredient in a rewarding career

How can you become part of the team that has a hand in making our award-winning bakery treats? A job in Publix Manufacturing is how! You might not realize all that goes into making our sweet treats, but it’s a pretty extensive process, especially when you make that product for more than 1150 stores. And […]

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Get fit and get paid as a Publix Selector!

Ever wonder how your favorite products end up on the shelves when you shop at your local Publix? It’s got a lot to do with our Distribution Centers, from which we make more than 1.2 million deliveries to our stores each year!  It takes a lot of associates – more than 7000, actually – to […]

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Three Tips on How to Answer the “Tell Me About Yourself” Question…

You know it’s coming – the inevitable “Tell me about yourself” ice-breaker of a question that kicks off most interviews. For some people, it’s a dreaded question and for others, it’s used as a platform to talk about all things personal.  Here are three tips on how to answer this question and set the tone […]

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