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36 Telephone Etiquette Tips

Most of us use a telephone in the course of our work. Here is some great advice I picked up at a workforce development conference on how to excel at using this device to communicate with colleagues, clients and customers. Before you answer, be prepared (this includes knowing how to use the phone/system features): 1. […]

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I came across this story and wanted to pass it along. Once, in a little village, children were always told, “whatever you do, don’t go near the top of the mountain … that is where the monster lives.” For generations the children heeded this warning. But one day, some brave men decided they were going […]

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Qualities of a Leader

Leadership author John Maxwell states that “Developing a better team…always begins with you.” Here are characteristics he believes a Leader possesses: Leaders are Adaptable They are teachable. Adaptable people always place a high priority on breaking new ground. They are emotionally secure. Secure people don’t get nervous just because of change. They are creative. When difficult times […]

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What Matters Most

Once a coworker gave me a piece of paper titled “What Matters Most”. On the paper was a picture of a little cat looking in a mirror. The funny thing was that the image reflected back was not of the little cat, but instead, a big lion! The little cat saw himself big and strong; […]

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