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Handling rejection in your job hunt

We hire about 50,000 people a year across our company. Most of those job offers are for positions in our stores since store employees outnumber support associates by a margin of 12 to 1. That’s great news for the 50,000 people we hire. It’s not good news for the more than 400,000 people we don’t […]

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Stand out from the rest at your next interview

You’ve submitted an application and been called for an interview… great! This is your chance to shine!  But you’ve got to be ready.  Here are tips to make that happen. First, conduct research on the organization.  Is it on Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list? Go to to see what employees […]

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It’s a Brand You World!

What strategies do successful companies use that you could borrow to elevate your career prospects? They use clever ways to let their customers know how they add great value to their lives. This is called “branding.” Here are a few excellent examples: • Geico’s cute little gecko saying, ““15 minutes can save you 15% or […]

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LinkedIn is a Powerful Career Tool

Do you want to be visible to recruiters?  If so, LinkedIn can be a powerful talent agent as long as you use it effectively.  The good news, in this time-pressured world, is that it won’t take a great deal of your time to accomplish this. LinkedIn is the leading website for professional networking with more […]

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What is DECA?

The Publix recruiting team just returned from a major conference held by DECA, an organization that prepares high school and college students for leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. This international event was held in Atlanta, Ga., where 17,000 high school students from the U.S. and Canada participated in competitions to […]

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Using the Web to Advance Your Career

The Internet has become an invaluable tool for job seekers, and even for people content where they are but curious about other opportunities.   Let me walk you through several Internet tools to use to your advantage. Major job boards – These are websites that post job openings across many industries and locations.  Here is a […]

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36 Telephone Etiquette Tips

Most of us use a telephone in the course of our work. Here is some great advice I picked up at a workforce development conference on how to excel at using this device to communicate with colleagues, clients and customers. Before you answer, be prepared (this includes knowing how to use the phone/system features): 1. […]

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I came across this story and wanted to pass it along. Once, in a little village, children were always told, “whatever you do, don’t go near the top of the mountain … that is where the monster lives.” For generations the children heeded this warning. But one day, some brave men decided they were going […]

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Service members and veterans let’s talk!

As the Blue Star mom of two Iraq War veterans, I’ve been honored to interact with service members, vets and military families for more than a decade now. I’m constantly struck by the altruism, professionalism and decency you all possess. And it pains me to hear of the challenges that vets face in finding gainful […]

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Qualities of a Leader

Leadership author John Maxwell states that “Developing a better team…always begins with you.” Here are characteristics he believes a Leader possesses: Leaders are Adaptable They are teachable. Adaptable people always place a high priority on breaking new ground. They are emotionally secure. Secure people don’t get nervous just because of change. They are creative. When difficult times […]

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