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Get fit and get paid as a Publix Selector!



Girl and Guy selectorsEver wonder how your favorite products end up on the shelves when you shop at your local Publix? It’s got a lot to do with our Distribution Centers, from which we make more than 1.2 million deliveries to our stores each year!  It takes a lot of associates – more than 7000, actually – to make sure our shelves are stocked so our customers can get what they want.  There are several different job classes within Distribution, but our Selector position is an entry-level role that can help you get your foot in the door.

Did you ever think you could have a job where you were paid to essentially work out? At Publix you can! A Selector picks product from our warehouse shelves and bundles the product for delivery on the trucks, so the right products get to our stores. Depending on the warehouse, the average weight you’re required to lift ranges from 25 to 65 pounds. Because of the physical requirements of the job, you’ll leave every day feeling as if you just got a great work out! Not  bad, right? It gets even better!  Selectors have an Efficiency Based Pay structure, which means, the more efficient you are at selecting product, the more money you can make per hour.  As a Selector, you wear a headset that quickly tells you how much of an item you need to get, and where it is located in the warehouse so speedy reflexes can mean an increase in your hourly rate.

At Publix, we’re proud of our promote-from-within philosophy, and most of our Distribution leaders started as Selectors and in other entry level Distribution jobs at Publix. One example of the great career opportunities offered in distribution jobs at Publix is Jason B. He started as a part-time warehouse associate. He now manages one of Publix’s largest warehouse facilities.

We recently asked Jason why he thought the Warehouse Selector job is a great entry level opportunity and without hesitation, he was able to rattle off a few reasons.

“It’s a physically challenging, versatile and financially rewarding way to start your career here at Publix! It allows Selectors to learn about our supply chain, from understanding our vendor relationships to what our customers’ needs are at a particular time of year,” Jason explained. “By getting your foot in the door in one of these Selector jobs, you’re establishing a very strong foundation to help advance your career within Publix!”

Financial strength and physical strength in a single job! If this sounds like a good gig to you, apply today to one of our open Selector positions and bookmark the link to see new opportunities that come up later. Remember, your next opportunity may just be waiting for you at Publix!

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