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20 answers to your Publix career-related questions here!

Maura Satchell

Maura Satchell

3d white people businessman seeking a jobToday we hosted an Ask-A-Recruiter event on our Facebook page and it occurred to us you might have a question that someone else already asked! Below you’ll find 20 questions our Facebook fans asked that a trio of Publix recruiters replied to. Who knows, it may be similar to a burning question you’ve had. If it’s not, just post leave your question as a comment below this thread and we’ll do our best to answer it!

Q: Can you be hired on as full time from the start? If your already currently a full time manager in grocery retail?
A: Hi! Publix does have full-time and part time opportunities available. Since Publix is a “promote within” company, our store management roles are generally only open to current associates.

 Q: When are the summer internships available ? I’ve been checking day and night to make sure i don’t miss the deadline for it. Is the internship only in Lakeland ? Or is it available for the headquarters in Georgia as well ?
A: Hi, they will be posted in the beginning of February. They are generally here in Lakeland, but fear not, Isaac, we provide free housing and hot lunches for those interning in Lakeland and Orlando (1 at the distribution center there).
Q: What benefits do people get working part-time versus fulltime?
A: Great question! You can view a run down of our benefits at this link .
Q: Any idea when the Fredericksburg, VA location is opening? When/Where will the Job Fair take place, please?
A: Hi Mandy, it’s exciting, isn’t it? We’re planning to open in the summer – probably late July or August. Typically job fairs are scheduled about 3 months out from opening so look for an announcement here on our page for an event taking place in late April or early May. Hope to see you there!
Q: I have a MA in Marketing and would love to Market Publix, but Lakeland doesn’t hire outside of Lakeland, plus I’m about 80 miles from Lakeland, but would still like to Promote Publix. I have put an application in the StoneyBrook Publix for customer service and have talked to the Assistant Customer Service about the position. She was saying that they are hiring.
A: That’s awesome to hear! I’d like to correct your assertion that Publix doesn’t hire outside of Lakeland, though. We often bring in new hires from other areas who find moving to Lakeland a truly wonderful experience. As for getting your foot in in a store, that’s a great idea since it will develop a deep understanding of our history and culture. And because we are a promote-from-within company, being a Publix associate, you certainly have a leg up in the competitive hiring process where we can see more than 100 applicants sometimes for certain jobs.
Q: Anything available in Midlothian, VA?
A: Hi Katherine, it’s hard to tell from here in Lakeland, FL, but we are always accepting applications and the likelihood is, if there is no opening at this time, there will be in the future. My suggestion is this: head to that store and apply in person at the Job Application Center kiosk. After doing so, ask at the Customer Service Counter to speak with a manager. Tell him or her that you’ve applied and provide a short little “elevator pitch” about why we should hire you. (Hint: we’re all about providing premier service to our customers). I hope this helps and here are a few more tips from an ancient but helpful blog post.
Q: Publix here in Steelecreeke, NC do they require a drug test for employment?
A: Yes, Paula. Because our associates work so closely with the public – our valued customers – we do require a drug test. Thanks for asking!
Q: Any idea when the store in Hendersonsville, N.C. will open? I have been waiting to transfer to this store but for some reason there’s been a set back.
A: Hi! Yes, unexpected winter storms can cause delays! The final date is still not certain, but once it is announced, it will be posted here. That’s exciting you’ll be transferring! Best of luck to you and do us proud up there!
Q: Becoming a Pharmacy Tech with Publix: What is the process/education requirements? I’m a customer service employee now, but am interested in broadening my skills.
A: Hi, we’re always looking for great techs and we have opportunities in all of our divisions right now! What store do you work at? FL & SC have more strict requirements than other states in which we operate.
Q: We currently have a store under construction in Tullahoma TN. I am very interested in applying, however I am not available on Fridays due to a family obligation. Would they be flexible in scheduling enough to allow that? Also, what would be the best position to fit my experience? I have 29 years previous banking experience as a branch/customer service manager. I am good with people, balancing cash drawers, handling money/checks etc. Point me in the right direction as far as applying here locally.
A: Oh, a trifecta of questions, I love it! Yes, Publix offers flexible scheduling for our store jobs. We do look for individuals that are available to work nights and weekends, and being unavailable for Fridays should not be a problem. Having great customer service experience is important! As for roles in our stores, here is a handy page that outlines most of the roles and their corresponding duties.It sounds like you’d be a perfect fit for our Customer Service department. Good luck!
Q: When will Public green wise store be completed and open in Tallahassee Florida?
A: Hi! We do not have a confirmed time frame, but feel free to check back on Facebook for updates as the project progresses.
Q: When will the store in Saraland ,Alabama be open for business?
A: The timeline for that store is not yet announced, sorry! Check this link from time to time for updated information.
Q: Looking for work in the Daytona area soon.
A: Here are a few tips to help you in your job hunt at our stores.
Q: I want to work in Human Resources at corporate. I earned a BS degree in organizational management.
A: Hi, great question! All of our Corporate positions are on our website. Any open HR listings will be listed here.
Q: I  have been working for Publix for 5 years now. I wish to become a store manager one day and would like to know. What does Publix look for when looking at associates who wish to become Customer Service Team Leaders?
A: Hi William, I would suggest you speak with your store manager and share with him or her your ambitions. Keep in mind that, to become a store manager, you will need experience in other departments, so in that same conversation, perhaps you can express a desire to be cross-trained in another area of the store. Good luck.
Q: How can I get into recipe development for aprons?
A: Hi! Watch for a position called the Recipe Development Technician. This position contributes to creating recipes for the Publix Aprons program. When available, it will be posted here. Thanks for your interest in Publix!
Q: What is it like to open a new store?
A: Hi! Opening a new store is an exciting time for Publix and all of our associates. We love expanding the Publix family and all associates involved become close-knit as they work together toward this one goal!  There is a “family night” celebration the night before a new store opens. That means family members come along and it really is a celebration. It needs to be because those next days are truly hectic as the local community gets their first look at the new store and what it has to offer. Truly exciting, every bit of it!
Q: Why is it so hard to get hired with Publix? I applied so many times and no success.
A:  I know it is frustrating to apply and not proceed in the screening process. We receive nearly two million aplications each year for about 40,000 openings, so the competition is very stiff. Have you had a chance to check out our blogs? They are designed to offer helpful advice and tips to job seekers looking for work at Publix. This one is about tips for landing a job at Publix and might be of interest to you.
Q: It says this job fair is hiring for all departments. Does this also include all positions? I am interested in Department Manager or higher.
A: Publix promotes from within and has department managers already selected. We do this for two reasons. First, it is to reward loyalty to our associates who have grown in their careers with Publix. Second, it is because these associates are intimately familiar with our culture and will perpetuate it through mentoring and by setting great examples for our newer associates. That said, there are plenty of positions that lead to management that the store will be hiring for. Check out these examples.
Q: I have always loved shopping at Publix and I am very interested in a pharmacist position with your company. Could you please tell me if you have any openings near St Augustine, FL or South Jacksonville, FL? Thank you so much and have a great day!
A: Hi! It is great to hear you love shopping at your Publix 🙂 To learn more about pharmacy openings, go here and you’ll be able to search for positions in various areas. If you don’t see one you’re interested in, be sure to sign up for a job alert at the bottom under “watch our jobs!”
You’ve been treated to a myriad of questions from job seekers and even current associates interested in moving up here at Publix. We hope these questions and answers have been of help to you. Now that you’ve read them, what questions do you have that might not have been answered?

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