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It’s a matter of pride

Maura Satchell

Maura Satchell

The first day of a new job can be pretty nerve-wracking for anyone. You’re overwhelmed with all sorts of emotion: nervousness, anxiety, excitement.

Well, that was me on my first day working for Publix. There I was, assigned to lane five, front and center of the store. I was nervous, but customers were kind and understanding, typical Publix shoppers.

As the day wore on, checkout lines grew longer and I noticed something very unusual. Managers rolled up their sleeves and worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of us, bagging and taking carts to customers’ cars. That’s when it became clear to me that everyone at Publix is focused on a singular goal:  premier customer service. To me, my managers were a study in professionalism! I was so proud to be part of this team where everyone pitched in. That eliminated any self-doubts I had about taking a retail job after years in corporate America.

Later that day I learned that although the store is always bustling on Sundays, this particular one was far busier than usual. The reason? That Sunday’s Tennessean newspaper ran a big front page article that day about health code violations in various grocery stores throughout the Nashville area. The list was extensive, but of course, Publix was not among them. I grasped the article’s impact when one customer told me she didn’t usually shop at Publix, but would never go elsewhere after reading it.

I saw for myself that Publix is so dedicated to cleanliness, health and safety that it goes above and beyond health code standards in much the same way it offers premier customer service. This elevates Publix stores to a level of quality and cleanliness that consistently surpasses most other supermarket chains. But more importantly, it provides confidence to each associate as we go about our day.

Contrast this professionalism, this pride in service, this dedication to cleanliness and quality to that experienced at a less desirable job you may have had over the years. How did working there make you feel? Were you proud to wear the uniform? Answer questions about where you work?

For me, working for Publix is a no-brainer. And because my co-workers also believe in the Publix mission, and are dedicated to this same level of professionalism and quality, it makes for a great place to work! Simply put, it’s a matter of pride.

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