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Manufacturing jobs at Publix: your key ingredient in a rewarding career



10441149_688364114545961_606956217774544631_nHow can you become part of the team that has a hand in making our award-winning bakery treats?

A job in Publix Manufacturing is how! You might not realize all that goes into making our sweet treats, but it’s a pretty extensive process, especially when you make that product for more than 1150 stores. And just like many of our business areas, our Manufacturing unit has a strong promote-from-within policy. But don’t let that discourage you! There are several entry-level positions in our Manufacturing – also known as production — facilities open to external job seekers.  We’re talking Bakery Packer, Bakery Plant Operations Clerk, Ice Cream Freezer Operator and Bakery Production Worker, just to name a few.

While our Bakery Plants– where we make our award winning Key Lime pie, chocolate chip cookies, and delicious buttercream icing – are well-known, we have several other kinds of manufacturing plants across Florida and Georgia too. Fresh foods operations, dairy plants, deli kitchens, and printing services are the other areas of Manufacturing where you can get your foot in the door. And did we mention our promote-from-within culture? A job in one of these entry level roles is the key ingredient to starting a fulfilling long-term career with Publix, the nation’s largest employee owned company!

To apply for one of these sweet positions, visit and submit your application for a role within our Manufacturing unit. It’s the first step to baking up a rewarding career at Publix!

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