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Consumers name Publix one of America’s favorite grocery retailers!

Maura Satchell

Maura Satchell

10355708_728339530548419_5545702355776261089_oPublix is one of America’s favorite grocery retailers, based on a massive nationwide online study of more than 10,000 consumers conducted in February 2016 by Market Force Information® (Market Force).  The measurement consulting firm announced the results today. On a Composite Loyalty Index rating, based on how participant’s satisfaction with their most recent grocery shopping experience and likelihood to refer that grocery to others, only Wegmans surpassed Publix. When consumers ranked stores based on six categories, including Cashier Courtesy, Store Cleanliness, Find Items Wanted, Item Availability, Checkout Speed and Specialty Department Service.  Publix topped five of the categories and was only bested by Trader Joe’s, who ranked third nationwide, in Cashier Courtesy.

Visit Market Force Information for more on the in-depth study.


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