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Open minds, open doors at Publix

Maura Satchell

Maura Satchell

Chris LindoPublix founder George Jenkins  knew from the start that at Publix, his associates would be treated with dignity and encouraged to speak up. He once said, “If you want people to respect you or your company, you must first show respect for them.”

Respecting the dignity of the individual means encouraging others to share their ideas and opinions, and helping them learn from their mistakes. And it’s an essential part of the Publix culture.

Diversity Manager Chris Lindo puts processes and programs in place to help make sure that happens. Although his focus is on bringing attention to groups with diverse backgrounds, his goal is for every associate to feel included and respected — regardless of ethnicity, gender, religious or political beliefs, or level of education.

Publix defines diversity as a combination of all the characteristics that make us uniquely individual as human beings. And according to Chris, our diverse backgrounds give Publix a competitive advantage. Take Chris himself, for example. He was born in Jamaica and came to the U.S. at the age of 13. He began his Publix career in 2001 as a part-time Grocery Clerk while working on his Bachelors and Master’s degrees. He joined HR in 2005 and served as an HR Investigator and then HR Legal Specialist while completing his PhD. Chris took the helm as Diversity Manager in 2013. “Through mentoring programs and internships, associates are bringing things to the table that help grow our business. We’re giving associates an avenue to express their thoughts and the opportunity to meet Publix leaders and learn more about how our company runs,” said Chris. “We want all associates to be happy, and this gives us a window into finding out what that means for more people. It’s the right thing to do, and as a company, we’re always willing to do the right thing.”

In Chris’s experience, people tend to naturally divide themselves into categories like culture or economic status. It’s his job to help bring the Publix family together. He believes through continuing to understand and respect the individual characteristics of one another, our associates will grow and our company will be stronger. After all, our differences only add to the reasons Publix is a great place to work!

Want to work for Publix, a nationally recognized diverse and inclusive organization?  Publix may have a job for you! Employing more than 190,000 associates in seven states, we continue to grow and expand. For a job in one of our stores, visit this page to learn how to apply. For job openings among our corporate, distribution, manufacturing, industrial maintenance or IT areas, start your search here.

This is a guest post written by Michele from our Corporate Communications Team. Look for more guest posts in the future!

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