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Publix Career Fairs (Meet the Managers) Events in Okeechobee, Roseland, Sebastian, and Vero Beach.

Maura Satchell

Maura Satchell

Your Name Retail Name Badge LROn Thursday, November 16 Publix is holding a Career Night at 10 stores in the cities of Vero Beach, Sebastian, Roseland and Okeechobee, Florida. These events will take place from 2-7 p.m. All job seekers are invited to attend and should apply ahead of time at their nearest Publix before the event takes place. At the event, attendees will get a chance to meet with managers and learn more about your career options with the nation’s largest employee owned company, and find out why Publix is consistently ranked among the nation’s favorite employers, among other things.

Participating Cities:

Okeechobee  (Publix at Northlake Village, 3551 US Hwy 441 S. location)
Vero Beach

If you are interested in working for Publix, head to a nearby store and apply before this event takes place. And the sooner the better since the Job Application Center Kiosks are likely to become tied up with other interested applicants. And don’t forget to tell your job seeking friends about this too!

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