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Publix is a Top-Rated Workplace for Veterans!

Maura Satchell

Maura Satchell

David Simon Veteran and Publix AssociatePublix has been named 37th of 50 Top-Rated Workplaces for Veterans in an inaugural list created by based on veterans’ reviews of their workplaces and contender companies’ workplace initiatives focused on supporting veterans.

David S. started at Publix as a bagger in 1986 while still in high school. He moved into corporate purchasing in 1998 and now serves as Senior Manager of Supply Chain Logistics at Publix. He recently retired from the U.S. Army Reserves after 23 years and served three tours supporting operations in Afghanistan and the Middle East as a combat engineer clearing explosive devices.

“The culture here at Publix is just so supportive.” David said. “Whenever I deployed my coworkers would send over care packages and check in on my family all the time. And when I came back after deployments, my managers took extra care to make sure I was comfortable with the position I’d be entering to ensure my transition back to civilian life was a smooth one. It really is like family working at Publix,” he said.

We are proud to be recognized by Indeed for our track record in employing veterans. We are even more proud to employ standup veterans like David and treat them like a member of the family. Because that’s what Publix is – family!

Love the idea of working for a company that celebrates veterans in the workplace but not sure where you might fit in? Try our Publix Job Match tool to hone in on the best fit for you here at Publix.

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