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Publix Patriots: Senior Chief Petty Officer to Meat Manager

Jazmyn M.

Jazmyn M.

People often hear that Publix was the first and last career for a lot of our associates. For many of us, including our CEO, our careers began bagging groceries as a part-time job. What people don’t always hear about are those associates who experienced a fruitful first career they are proud of, prior to finding their home at Publix. So many of these stories are representative of our military veteran associates.

We appreciate the commitment our veterans have made to this country and understand that level of dedication often makes for a stellar addition to the Publix family. Last year, Publix was ranked as one of the best workplaces for veterans by Indeed. We want to show everyone why! Our Publix Patriots blog series showcases real veterans who found success in a second career at Publix Super Markets.

We are honored to employ veterans and hope to spread the word about the opportunities that lie within this company that is so much more than “just a grocery store.”

Meet Trent, Meat Managertrent then now

Trent has been with Publix for seven years, after a 26-year run in the Navy. He is a retired senior chief petty officer who oversaw the Aviation Water Survival Training Center at NAS in Jacksonville, Florida. His journey with Publix began as a meat cutter apprentice, a position that leads to management. Trent applied to work at Publix upon his retirement from the military because he’d heard from the community about our positive reputation as a brand, as well as an employer.

Trent has enjoyed his tenure at Publix and shared that working at a grocery store was more challenging than he originally thought it would be. Trent said, “There are so many people who are willing to assist you in your career progression at Publix, as long as you are open to the input.” With support from coworkers, and leadership, he continues to learn and grow each day.


How Trent’s Experience Applied to Publix

Having been a senior chief petty officer and master training specialist in the Navy, it was very easy for Trent to train new associates once he became a meat manager. The leadership courses he took during his time in the Navy helped him learn techniques for developing people, which he used to foster a positive morale in his department. This, in turn, increased productivity and associate performance.

Trent’s advice to veterans considering employment at Publix is: “If you are ready to start a new career, then this is the place for you. Continue to perform as you did in the military. The more you learn, the more it will help you move up the chain of command.”

We feel lucky to have Trent as part of our team and appreciate his service to this country. Do you have retired military friends or family members who are looking for their next step? Share these Publix Patriots stories and the link to apply on our Talent Application Gateway. Our stores are always accepting applications and hope to continue creating stories like Trent’s. Remember to follow our page on LinkedIn (@PublixPatriots) to stay connected with us!

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