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Raising the bar on food safety

Maura Satchell

Maura Satchell

Tim WestbrookIn our effort to be the premier quality food retailer in the world, food safety is of critical importance to us here at Publix, so when we received word we were to the inaugural recipient of the Food Safety Innovation Award from The Food Marketing Institute and the International Food Protection Training Institute, naturally it was a great honor.

“Food safety is a top priority for Publix, and we have taken a leadership role in food safety training,” said Director of Corporate Quality Assurance Michael Roberson. “Food safety is a shared responsibility, and each of us must make a personal commitment to maintain all aspects of food safety to protect our customers and offer safe, high-quality food each and every day.”

The award recognizes companies or organizations that have made an innovative contribution or commitment to food safety and encourages others in the industry to search for creative solutions and implement new practices that keep food safe.

Publix was recognized specifically for its food safety training programs. Tens of thousands of associates and managers are trained and certified in food safety. In addition, Publix has implemented food safety training programs for its industrial operations and supplier community.

Over the years, Publix has received awards and recognition for its food safety practices, including the prestigious Black Pearl Award for Corporate Excellence in Food Safety and Quality in 2013 from the International Association for Food Protection.  This dedication to food safety and quality – which starts with training and certification – really does raise the bar in the super market industry.

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