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Safety first!

Maura Satchell

Maura Satchell

Publix Fire Training ImagesWe take safety seriously at Publix, both as it relates to our workplace and within the communities in which we operate, and we have a pair of timely messages for you today.

Hurricane preparedness
With Hurricane Matthew threatening to strike in the coming days, Florida’s Governor has declared a state of emergency for the state. But as our CEO, Todd Jones noted, Publix fosters a culture of preparedness and safety for of our customers, associates and community. Teams are monitoring the storm track and working closely with our distribution centers to be sure our stores have ample water, batteries and other hurricane supplies and essentials for our customers.

Not sure what you might need to be ready for Matthew? Check out this page for number of helpful tips, suggestions and resources.

Fire safety in the workplace
Next week is Fire Prevention Week and Publix associates who serve as volunteer fire monitors in our workplaces received fire safety training yesterday to be prepared for unexpected emergencies. In addition to learning how to use a fire extinguisher, they learned how to use the EvacuTrack Chair – a device used to safely transport immobile individuals down the stairs safely.
Does all this talk about safety prevention and preparedness strike a chord with you? If so, read on:

The Loss Prevention and Safety Department is responsible for reducing losses to our customers, our associates, and our company. This involves a wide variety of functions, including training to increase associate awareness, enforcement of loss prevention and safety policies, recovery of losses, and control of access to company facilities. Interested in joining this team? Search our current openings and submit your resume here.

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