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Welcome Landon!

Maura Satchell

Maura Satchell

Part of our mission at Publix is to be involved as responsible citizens in our communities, and we hire associates from all walks of life to reflect the communities in which we operate. We don’t often talk about it; it’s just something inherent in our company culture. On that subject, occasionally, in talent acquisition we hear a story that touches us deeply. Someone is hired with such a sweet and wonderful backstory it reinforces our belief in possibilities and why we do what we do and who we do it for — Publix, of course! This is one of those stories and you might want to grab a tissue (for happy tears).
Landon’s mother reached out to us on our Publix Careers Facebook channel early this year. She has given us permission to share their story and to use her words as well since she best describes him and the circumstances surrounding his job application at Publix store #496, Lost Mountain Crossings in Powder Springs, Georgia.

“My autistic/hearing impaired 14yr old son applied at Publix. Amanda was the manager on duty and she made him (us) feel SOOOOOOOOOOO special and important. She treated my son as if he was as normal as the next person and I appreciate that. She talked with him and she really made him feel like having a job was obtainable.”

She continued, tying Landon’s experience to former experience as a Publix associate herself years ago.

“The values have always been the same. The people have always been a breath of fresh air. I hope he gets the job and is able to work on Saturday Mornings, but even if he doesn’t I’m glad to know that this store is represented so well. Thank you all for having such great values and choosing the best employees.”

You can be sure that message was shared with Amanda’s store manager. That was back in January. It’s been more than three months, but Landon persisted (updating his application as instructed, each 30 days) and we received a wonderful surprise today when this image popped up in a Facebook message sent from Landon’s mother:

"Hello my name is Landon, I am 14 years old, autistic & hearing impaired and I just got my 1st job at Publix"

“Words can’t describe the feeling that went through all of us in my office when he accepted the job offer and told us his plans to save his money to purchase video games, for acting lessons, and to help adopt a dog,“ Landon’s store manager said when we reached out to him.

So, celebrate with us today, one of those life-affirming occasions and join us in welcoming Landon, a new associate to Publix!

Would you love the idea of working for a company that embraces diversity and hires to reflect the communities in which we operate?  Visit this page to apply for a job in one of our 1,146 stores. For job openings within our corporate, distribution, manufacturing, industrial maintenance or IT areas, start your search here.

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