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Winter is coming! (And that means seasonal jobs at Publix)

Maura Satchell

Maura Satchell

Publix Super Markets Inc. 2017 Winter Seasonal Stores If you’ve lived in Florida for a year or more, you know what to expect as holidays approach: Snowbirds. We don’t mean those winged creatures gracefully soaring to lofty heights. We’re referring to the annual influx of vacationers who relocate to our sunny shores from all points north to escape winter’s cruel bite. Our stores in Southwest and South Florida get extremely busy from late November to just after Easter when the “snowbirds” return to their native habitats in the north. For this reason, we’ll be hiring seasonal associates in stores throughout south Florida. To give you an idea of the breadth of this program, the picture included in this blog post lists all the cities in which we’ll be hiring for seasonal positions.

These seasonal jobs are in nearly every department, most are entry level, and all are highly rewarding for those seeking to supplement their income and work among friendly folks for part of the year. A seasonal job with Publix may be even more rewarding since it could lead to an ongoing job for high-performers willing to give 100% and who show they are a good fit for our company. The cities in which we are hiring are:


If you’re seeking either temporary employment to get you over a financial hump, help your finances go further around the holidays, or are hoping to get your foot in the door with Publix, consider one of these seasonal jobs if you live in one of our seasonal areas.  We’ll be holding umpteen job fairs (well, more than 40) and you need to attend one of them to be considered a seasonal applicant. Learn more at this page and join us at a seasonal job fair near you! Be sure to bring a smile because we are looking for individuals who have a pleasant demeanor and are eager to serve.

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