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Yes, they’re the real deal!

Patti Breckenridge

Patti Breckenridge

Sprinkled throughout the Careers section of our company website are testimonials from more than 60 associates at Publix.  Yes, they’re the real deal.  Those are real people and the words of their testimonials are their own.   I think you can tell their words are genuine when they describe why they love working at Publix.  (Even the pictures are real!)

 The testimonials were submitted by both hourly and salaried associates, and they represent all four divisions of our company (Atlanta, Jacksonville, Lakeland and Miami) and all of our business units (stores, pharmacy, corporate, distribution and manufacturing).   Many of the stories are very touching.

 Among the current testimonials are those written by:

  • a district manager who started out as a bagboy
  • two corporate directors and one corporate manager who started out as part-time cashiers
  • a 25-year veteran of Publix who had no intentions of making it a career here when she accepted a temporary job to help the company prepare for Christmas
  • a pharmacy manager whose career began as a 5-year-old selling salve to neighbors
  • a senior manager in manufacturing who started out in a part-time job in one of our bakery plants
  • a marketing manager who recalls her introduction to Publix at the age of 2 when her father started working here
  • several associates who grew up visiting Publix each Saturday because their mothers and grandmothers were loyal customers
  • a store manager who is proud that his three children also work for Publix
  • three associates who describe how the Publix family helped them through difficult periods in their lives

 One of the reasons we’ve made FORTUNE magazine’s great place to work list for 15 consecutive years is because our associates are so willing to share these kinds of stories when the FORTUNE researchers contact them.  Anyway, I hope they give you a glimpse into why so many of the 150,000 associates at Publix love working here.


Patti Breckenridge
Recruiting Manager

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  1. consult911 October 24, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

    Yes, I am an employee owner, and I really love watching my shares of stock grow through the ee stock ownership plan as well as in my 401k and co match (just another way for me to share in MY companies profit) because each year my dividend checks get larger and larger, based in part on how many shares I have. This year during Associate Appreciation visits made by leaders of the company, I had the chance to meet Todd Jones, our president, and he was a very unassuming guy, who actually managed to spend some quality time with the associates of each department, even though he was constantly interrupted by customers wanting to share with him how wonderful they thought the people at my store were. Like Patti, I too have spent many years working elsewhere, and this is the first company that I have ever worked for that I wish I had lived around to work at much earlier in my career – then I too might have been able to retire as a millionaire, living off of my dividend checks!

    • Patti Breckenridge
      Patti Breckenridge October 26, 2012 at 5:01 pm #

      Thank you for sharing your story!

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