By - June 1, 2018

How to prepare before disaster strikes

Todd Jones

With every disruptive weather event, each of you has a role in making sure we serve our customers and communities the best we can.

We do that by preparing well before hurricane season — stocking up on essential products. We make sure we have access to third-party transportation companies in case we need to call on them to deliver product. We have conversations with our suppliers to make sure they’re ready and will have more product available should we need it.

But even with all of that preparation, there will be times when we’re short on product, drivers or fuel. Ports may be closed, or roads may be damaged. Publix uses all the information we can get in order to organize our efforts, so we can help our customers and communities in a quicker fashion. Sometimes that means prioritizing needs from the largest to the smallest, until every need is met. And those decisions can be hard to understand without knowing everything we’re facing. When that happens, we must have patience with each other and ask our managers for help.

We should remain focused on serving our customers and communities to the best of our abilities. You are the first line of communication to those we serve, so make sure they know how important they are to us. You are the ones who build those relationships and connections every day. Be ready. Be supportive. Be reassuring.

Thanks for all you do.

Todd Jones
CEO & President

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