By - September 1, 2018

Keeping it close to our core

Todd Jones

Evolving our business is important to our continued success, but we have to be thoughtful about where we put our resources.

We have the most knowledge in the areas that are close to our core business. We look at the existing processes we have today differently, the services we offer and how we offer them. We have two great examples underway: our collaboration with the medical community and our new GreenWise Market.

We know our customers are more focused on their health and wellness. They also want convenience, and we want to be the ones who can help them the best.

We’ve opened pharmacies within hospitals and even launched an initiative with BayCare hospitals in select Florida counties to bring telehealth kiosks into our stores. With a pharmacy nearby, this service becomes an added convenience to our customers.

Next month, we’re opening our new-format GreenWise Market in Tallahassee, Florida. It will be an environment where food is celebrated. We’re leveraging our current processes for purchasing and delivering products with our service culture to reach a specific group of customers.

Staying close to where our customers are going is important to our success. How we do that will continue to evolve, and I couldn’t be more excited.

You can continue to find updates on these initiatives on PASSport and in Publix News, so stay tuned.

Thanks for all you do.

Todd Jones
CEO & President

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