By - August 1, 2018

Our stores are the first impression for customers

Todd Jones, CEO & President

We want our customers to know we care about them, and that starts as soon as they’re in our parking lot.

Offering stores that help us provide premier service is important to our success. A clean, pleasant shopping experience is part of what our customers expect when they shop at Publix. But we also know their needs change, so our stores need to evolve too.

Our efforts to improve our stores are focused on three areas:

  • replacing older stores — with increased desire for more convenience, the speed of technology and competitor changes, we are reviewing our stores and considering replacing them sooner when we can.
  • scheduling special rollouts — as we learn new equipment and processes are successful, we will find ways to roll them out faster, not just when we’re remodeling. A great example of this was an additional counter in the deli backroom for OEO orders.
  • developing the store-of-the-future — our effort to develop the next generation of stores never ends. This includes the flexibility to add or remove products based on what shopping trends tell us like offering more meal solutions.

Our goal is to go where the customer is going, whether that’s shopping in our stores, ordering ahead and picking up at our stores, or having their groceries delivered. Offering a great shopping experience will help our customers say, “I always shop at My Publix.”

Thanks for all you do.

Todd Jones
CEO & President

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