By - January 1, 2019

You make the difference every day

Todd Jones

Happy New Year! What a perfect time to recommit ourselves to come together as One Publix — united as owners — with One Purpose — to be servant leaders.

In order to accomplish this, we must continue to build relationships with our customers. Those relationships start with something very simple — a smile and hello. From there, ask how their day is going and how you can help them. Then, remember who your regular customers are, so when you see them again, you can pick up where you left off.

In the competitive landscape we face, personalizing the experience our customers have with us affects whether they’ll come back. It doesn’t matter if they’re shopping online or in our stores, our customers want to feel like they matter. That’s where Publix shines.

You do it like no one else can. You make every customer count, and that’s been part of our culture since Mr. George founded this great company 89 years ago. I’ve seen stories of you going above and beyond to make birthdays and weddings special, or the final wishes of your customers’ loved ones come true. You’ve saved lives when you noticed something wasn’t right with your customers. You’ve provided shelter during snow storms and support during hurricane recovery efforts. And you’ve done so much more.

Every day, I am proud to wake up and be part of this amazing family. The relationships we build will continue to lead to our success. So, let’s start the year off strong and show everyone what it means to be Publix.

Thanks for all you do.

Todd Jones

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