By - March 1, 2019

Architect Dave Taulbee builds for the future


Before he joined Publix in 2001, Architectural Program Manager Dave Taulbee developed prototypes for refrigerated warehouses, corporate office buildings and government buildings.

“That diversity helped me when I came here,” said Dave. “I’ve always worked on prototypes, which is unusual for an architect. A lot of people become specialized in one area, but working on prototypes has allowed me to fit into a corporate role.”

Dave earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Cincinnati. In his current role, he manages a team of 13 associates, including eight architects. He now focuses on unique store formats.

“A unique store is one with unusual elements. For example, one where the sales floor is above or below parking,” said Dave. “At one time we had those projects every couple of years, and now about 30 percent of our stores are considered unique stores.”

Dave and his team love a challenge. He served as the lead designer for the new-concept GreenWise Market in Tallahassee, Florida.

“Part of the fun is starting from scratch,” said Dave. “Beginning with an empty site and seeing it turn into a Publix is my favorite part of the job.”

Director of Facilities Design John Kitchens said Dave’s architectural skill, combined with his ability to understand and meet the needs of his customers, make him a great associate to be featured in the My Publix, My Part program.

“He’s very good at merging the analytical with the creative,” John said. “He’s also an exceptional communicator, which allows him to build relationships with associates at all levels.”

My Publix My Part

For going above and beyond to produce and maintain quality products and provide  premier service, Dave is recognized as one of our featured associates for the My Publix, My Part program.