By - July 1, 2018

Going above and beyond the data


While working as a cashier at #1399, Bartow, Florida, Alma Gay told her store manager she would one day retire from Publix. Twelve years later, she’s well on her way to fulfilling that promise.

Alma, a self-described “data junkie,” earned her MBA with a concentration in finance and accounting from Florida State University. Her primary role today as a marketing analytics senior consultant is to measure marketing’s impact on the company’s overall success.

“Data is not important until you give it meaning,” Alma said. “Part of that is understanding how it’s going to be used and making sure whoever is using it understands it.”

Director of Brand Marketing and Analytics Karen Murino knows Alma’s heart for dedicated service is always in her work.

“Her customer service mindset is paramount in every interaction,” said Karen. “It’s what people remember and comment on first, then how she helped them solve a business problem.”

Alma said her inspiration to do her part comes from her mother.

“I am from a single-parent home,” Alma said. “Growing up, I watched my mom work so hard to give us everything we needed and also be that motivational, inspirational parent. I want to give back the compassion and sincerity she’s instilled in me and inspire and motivate others. I want to bring out the best in my team — the same way she brought out the best in me.”

Alma always sees the glass half-full and keeps a smile on her face. This, along with the premier service she provides to her fellow associates, is why she’s a featured support associate for My Publix, My Part.

In all of her roles, Alma reminds herself to rise to the challenge of stepping out of her comfort zone. “The best advice I ever received was to never be afraid to take a chance,” Alma said.

“You don’t have to know everything to be successful; you just have to be willing to listen and learn.”