By - October 1, 2018

Industrial Operations Systems Manager Curtis Browning helps people

Publix Associate, Curtis Browning, in his safety vest

From managing orders during the busy holiday season to technical issues and truck fires, Industrial Operations Systems Manager Curtis Browning has seen his fair share of opportunities to lend a hand. His quick problem-solving skills, desire to serve and ability stay calm under pressure earned him the Servant Leadership Award in April. But for Curtis, jumping in to help is just part of who he is.

“My grandmother worked a full-time job,” Curtis said. “But she also went out and assisted the elderly. She took them to church, the doctor’s office and beauty appointments. I think it’s part of my DNA to help people.”

He’s helped numerous people throughout his multiple roles at Publix. Curtis joined the Publix family in 1991 working part-time on the back dock of the dairy warehouse in Lakeland, Florida. He quit a full-time job to take the position but knew even then the move would pay off in the long run.

“I’d had a lot of jobs, but I never had a career,” said Curtis. “Until I came to Publix.”

In his current role, he supports systems and IT for multiple Orlando warehousing and support departments. His expertise across multiple areas and desire to provide premier service are why he’s recognized as the featured industrial operations associate for the My Publix, My Part program.

“Our day is dynamic,” said Curtis. “There are system opportunities that come in, users who need help. You put your cape on, fix the problems and make people’s days better.”

Vice President of Distribution Casey Suarez describes Curtis as a calming person. “He’s always there, any time of day, taking care of us,” said Casey.

Director of Warehousing Kyle Davis added that he’s been impressed with Curtis’ efforts to train and develop associates over the years. Curtis attributes much of his success to the relationships he’s developed with Publix associates over the years.

“I’ve built relationships with so many great people across the company,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed mentoring and developing associates. My wife says she doesn’t think I’ll ever retire because I love going to work.”

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