By - April 1, 2018

Jared McAuley was born into Publix family


Being born and raised in a Publix family is why providing premier service is second nature for Lakeland Fresh Kitchen Team Lead Jared McAuley. He has many relatives who work here like his mom, Penny, who has worked at Publix for 40 years. So, when it was time for Jared to decide on a career, he knew Publix would be a good fit.

“Publix is what I know. I grew up in a Publix family. It’s ingrained in me. My blood runs green,” Jared said.

He began his Publix career in facilities purchasing as a purchasing coordinator in Lakeland, Florida, and after leaving for a while, he returned to Publix as a utility trainer in the Lakeland bakery plant. It wasn’t long before he had an opportunity to transfer to the Fresh Kitchen. Since then, Jared has been promoted to team lead of production, where he oversees a team that delivers fresh, high-quality products to many of our delis.

“In manufacturing, we want customers to have the best product they can possibly get,” said Jared. “And I make sure my first line of customers — my associates — has the training, information, ingredients and tools they need to prepare high-quality products for our customers in the store.”

Jared’s managers describe him as a servant leader who solves operational opportunities on the production floor and ensures his associates are properly trained and their needs are met. He accomplishes all of that while providing premier service, whether that customer is an associate on the floor, in support or retail, or our end customer.

“The best advice I ever received was to always take care of people,” Jared said.

He’s taken that advice to heart and goes above and beyond to take care of everyone he interacts with. And for that, Jared is recognized as our featured manufacturing associate for the My Publix, My Part program.

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