By - July 1, 2018

Keeping it all in the family

Family tree

For many associates, Publix feels like a family. We’re there for  each other during tough times and to celebrate happy occasions. But for others, Publix is their family — literally.

Publix News asked how big your Publix family tree is, and we were not disappointed. Several of you were proud to share that 10 or more family members currently call Publix their second home — and if we included retirees, that tree would be a grandfather oak! Meet some of our largest families at Publix.

Store Manager Greg Byrd, #1243, Ponte Vedra, Florida

  • Event Planner Sheryl Byrd, #1437, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (wife)
  • Customer Service Manager Andrew Shubert, #1205, Bluffton, South Carolina (stepson)
  • Deli Manager Sean Shubert, #1140, Jacksonville Beach, Florida (stepson)
  • Store Manager Doug Byrd, #1177, Jacksonville, Florida (brother)
  • Assistant Store Manager Glenda Byrd, #1367, Neptune Beach, Florida (sister-in-law)
  • Store Manager Lynn Ellenburg, #885, Sandestin, Florida (brother-in-law)
  • Pharmacy Technician Stacy Ellenburg, #1173, Panama City, Florida (sister-in-law)
  • Customer Service Staff Zac Byrd, #884, Jacksonville, Florida (nephew)
  • Customer Service Staff Jordan Byrd, #884, Jacksonville, Florida (nephew)
  • Cashier Bethany Byrd, #1084, St. Johns, Florida (niece)
  • Cashier Ashley Bridges, #1243, Ponte Vedra, Florida (niece)
  • Grocery Clerk J.D. Ellenburg, #1258, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida (nephew)

Christner Family

Christner family

Store Manager Catrina Christner, #710, Leesburg, Florida

  • Store Manager Rick Christner, #551, Kissimmee, Florida (husband)
  • Customer Service Manager Stephanie Ronayne, #763, Clermont, Florida (daughter)
  • Cashier Deborah Thomas, #27, Clermont, Florida (mother)
  • Meat Cutter Brandon Christner, #1535, Tavares, Florida (son)
  • Cashier Tina Carson, #27, Clermont, Florida (sister)
  • Assistant Store Manager Billy Ronayne, #1275, Mount Dora, Florida (son-in-law)
  • Cashier Trish Devoe, #1388, Winter Park, Florida (sister-in-law)
  • Baker Sharon Mitchell, #763, Clermont, Florida (aunt)
  • Assistant Meat Manager Garret Carson, #1168, Groveland, Florida (nephew)
  • Decorator Ashley Carson, #1581, The Villages, Florida (niece)

Customer Service Technical Coordinator Danielle Fogel

  • Cashier Kailee Fogel, #671, Lakeland, Florida (daughter)
  • Meat Manager Domingo Flores, #532, Brandon, Florida (father)
  • Assistant Store Manager Devin Locke, #817, Lantana, Florida (brother-in-law)
  • Administrative Support Karen Demkowski, Atlanta Retail Operations (cousin)
  • Grocery Team Leader Terrell Smith Jr., #577, Palm City, Florida (cousin)
  • Customer Service Staff Melissa Smith, #241, Stuart, Florida (cousin)
  • Grocery Manager Douglas Theall, #898, Vero Beach, Florida (cousin)
  • Customer Service Team Leader Laura Smith, #241, Stuart, Florida (cousin)
  • Meat Cutter Michael McFarlane, #1284, Port St. Lucie, Florida (cousin)
  • Customer Service Team Leader Arielle McFarlane, #1472, Port St. Lucie, Florida (cousin)

Store Manager Darren Toothaker, #726, Duluth, Georgia

  • Pharmacy Technician Darren Toothaker Jr., #519, Cumming, Georgia (son)
  • Cashier Ryan Toothaker, #1130, Cumming, Georgia (son)
  • Store Manager Barbara Nesevich, #585, Duluth, Georgia (sister)
  • Meat Cutter Ronald Toothaker, #549, Coral Springs, Florida (brother)
  • DSD Clerk Anna Lima Toothaker, #1114, Coral Springs, Florida (sister-in-law)
  • Grocery Manager John Nesevich, #1227, Suwanee, Georgia (brother-in-law)
  • Front Service Clerk Michael Nesevich, #762, Alpharetta, Georgia (nephew)
  • Assistant Meat Manager Ronnie Toothaker, #685, Temple Terrace, Florida (nephew)
  • Seafood Clerk Mauricio De Oliveira, #1114, Coral Springs, Florida (nephew)

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Customer Service Team Leader Jessica Tillman, #507, Eustis, Florida

  • Cashier Cody Folmar, #15, Clermont, Florida (brother)
  • Senior Manager of IT James Hosegood, Information Systems (brother-in-law)
  • Scan/Price Clerk Catherine Peluso #15, Clermont, Florida (aunt)
  • Customer Service Team Leader Katie Peluso #1168, Groveland, Florida (cousin)
  • Customer Service Staff Baylee Peluso #15, Clermont, Florida (cousin)
  • Customer Service Staff Kaylynn Ekas #15, Clermont, Florida (cousin)
  • Grocery Clerk Terry Peluso #15, Clermont, Florida (cousin)
  • Front Service Clerk Michael Ekas #15, Clermont, Florida (cousin)

Arms family

Arms family

Customer Service Retail Improvement Specialist Amy Arms

  • Customer Service Manager Sandy Arms, #1148, Greenville, South Carolina (mother)
  • DSD Clerk Kristy McMahan, #874, Greenville, South Carolina (sister)
  • Grocery Manager Paul Arms, #530, Greenville, South Carolina (brother)
  • Decorator Brittany Arms, #543, Duncan, South Carolina (sister-in-law)
  • Assistant Store Manager Matt Stephens, #1379, Clemson, South Carolina (brother-in-law)
  • Customer Service Team Leader Gloria Hallstrom, #531, Greer, South Carolina (aunt)
  • Front Service Clerk Colin Stephens, #874, Greenville, South Carolina (nephew)

Deneroy family

Deneroy family 1 Deneroy family 2

Bakery Retail Improvement Specialist Chris Deneroy

  • Grocery Manager Brandon Deneroy, #1012, Mauldin, South Carolina (son)
  • Grocery Clerk Jeremy Deneroy, #1485, Rock Hill, South Carolina (son)
  • Assistant Bakery Manager Chelsea Dixon, #1442, Charlotte, North Carolina (daughter)
  • Decorator Jannel Deneroy, #1379, Clemson, South Carolina (daughter)
  • Customer Service Staff Kelly Strohbach, #1128, Port St. Lucie, Florida (niece)
  • Pharmacy Technician Nicole Santorsola, #228, Jupiter, Florida (niece)

Masengale family

Masengale family

Assistant Meat Manager Sarah Masengale, #1012, Mauldin, South Carolina

  • Meat Cutter Jonathan Knight, #35, Simpsonville, South Carolina (husband)
  • Meat Cutter Dwayne Masengale, #632, Taylors, South Carolina (father)
  • Deli Clerk Lydia White, #1012, Mauldin, South Carolina (sister)
  • Grocery Team Leader Isaiah Masengale, #1012, Mauldin, South Carolina (brother)
  • Grocery Replenishment Specialist Zachary Masengale, #35, Simpsonville, South Carolina (brother)
  • Produce Clerk Naomi Masengale, #1305, Parrish, Florida (sister)

Customer Service Manager Jackie Parrish, #438, Belleview, Florida

  • Grocery Manager Tyler Parrish, #1448, Inverness, Florida (husband)
  • Store Manager Ray Parrish, #475, Hernando, Florida (uncle)
  • Store Manager Jason Parrish, #1201, Ocala, Florida (cousin)
  • Assistant Store Manager Kenny Ray Parrish, #404, Ocala, Florida (cousin)
  • Grocery Clerk Kevin Parrish, #797, Crystal River, Florida (cousin)
  • Grocery Team Leader Cody Crile, #1477, Ocala, Florida (second cousin)

Store Manager Rick Tucker, #457, Spring Hill, Florida

  • Grocery Manager Taylor Tucker, #1544, Apex, North Carolina (son)
  • Customer Service Manager Cheryl Gornik, #111, Pinellas Park, Florida (sister)
  • Director of Merchandising – GreenWise Bob Wabbersen, Retail Operations (brother-in-law)
  • Pharmacy Technician Lisa Clark, #630, Spring Hill, Florida (niece)
  • Customer Service Staff Jordan Wabbersen, #398, Tampa, Florida(niece)
  • Decorator Susan McCarthy, #1427, Tallahassee, Florida (cousin)

Valentin family

Valentin family

Grocery Manager Bob Valentin, #1035, Sebastian, Florida

  • Front Service Clerk Caleb Valentin, #1035, Sebastian, Florida (son)
  • Cashier Jade Valentin, #1035, Sebastian, Florida (daughter)
  • Front Service Clerk Adam Valentin, #1035, Sebastian, Florida (son)
  • Front Service Clerk Daniela Valentin, #287, Sebastian, Florida (daughter)
  • Front Service Clerk Katie Valentin, #287, Sebastian, Florida (daughter)
  • Bakery Clerk Tonya Valentin, #1035, Sebastian, Florida (mother)

Store Manager Darren Greener, #1436, Mobile, Alabama 

  • Pharmacist Courtney Greener, #1400, Spanish Fort, Alabama (wife)
  • Front Service Clerk Alan Michael Greener, #273, Tallahassee, Florida (son)
  • Seafood Clerk Aaron Greener, #1427, Tallahassee, Florida (nephew)
  • Manager of Warehouse Operations Dennis Proctor, Atlanta Distribution Center (cousin)
  • Supervisor of Frozen Warehouse Danny Proctor, Lakeland Distribution Center (cousin)

Harrell family

Harrell family

Assistant Store Manager Diana Harrell, #713, Jacksonville, Florida

  • Grocery Clerk Randy Harrell, #1125, Jacksonville, Florida (husband)
  • Cashier Allyson Harrell, #748, Pompano Beach, Florida (daughter)
  • DSD Clerk Pilar Reynolds, #1469, Weston, Florida (sister)
  • Store Manager Josh Reynolds, #252, Davie, Florida (brother-in-law)
  • Front Service Clerk Abby Zaleski, #1469, Weston, Florida (niece)

Assistant Customer Service Manager Mitzi Ramirez, #740, Fort Myers Beach, Florida

  • Grocery Clerk Stephen Leger, #740, Fort Myers Beach, Florida (husband)
  • Assistant Pharmacy Manager Luis Ramirez, #1449, Bonita Springs, Florida (brother)
  • Produce Clerk Adulfo Ramirez, #1325, Bonita Springs, Florida (uncle)
  • Produce Clerk Marcolina Gallardo, #614, Estero, Florida (aunt)
  • Customer Service Staff Perla Ramirez, #604, Bonita Springs, Florida (cousin)

Roberts family

Roberts family

Cashier Alexa Roberts, #356, Lakeland, Florida

  • Category Manager Cindy Roberts, Corporate Purchasing (mother)
  • Director of I/S Engineering Mark Roberts, Information Systems (father)
  • Database Administrator Dennis Fortier, Information Systems (stepfather)
  • Manager of Customer Care and Social Media Analysis Janice Roberts, Public Affairs (stepmother)
  • Senior Manager of IT Ben Roberts, Information Systems (uncle)

Grocery Manager Dan Heuer, #1204, Winter Haven, Florida

  • Print Job Planner Kim Heuer, Printing Services (wife)
  • Buyer Scott Courtney, Corporate Purchasing (father)
  • EAP DOT Specialist Rhonda Thacker, Human Resources (sister)
  • Assistant Grocery Manager Mike Thacker, #1399, Bartow, Florida (brother-in-law)

Store Manager Ryan Meissner, #1037, Jacksonville, Florida

  • Store Manager Leslie Anderson, #849, Jacksonville, Florida (sister)
  • Grocery Team Leader Caleb Anderson, #502, Fleming Island, Florida (brother-in-law)
  • Deli Manager Thomas Hodges, #631, Jacksonville, Florida (brother-in-law)
  • Assistant Meat Manager RJ Wagner, #522, Savannah, Georgia (cousin)

Nieves family

Nieves family

Assistant Store Manager Lorenzo Nieves, #1579, Largo, Florida

  • Grocery Manager Adam Nieves, #1335, Largo, Florida (brother)
  • Assistant Store Manager Jeremy Nieves, #1348, South Pasadena, Florida (brother)
  • Customer Service Manager Amanda Nieves-Stevenson, #1562, Clearwater, Florida (sister)
  • Assistant Store Manager Page Nieves, #1531, St. Petersburg, Florida (sister-in-law)

Prestigiacomo family

Prestigiacomo family

District Manager Joe Prestigiacomo

  • Pharmacy Technician Marla Prestigiacomo, #844, Flowery Branch, Georgia (wife)
  • Bakery Clerk Margherita Prestigiacomo, #1418, Knoxville, Tennessee (daughter)
  • Customer Service Staff Paolo Prestigiacomo, #706, Buford, Georgia (son)
  • Cashier Francesca Prestigiacomo, #706, Buford, Georgia (daughter)