By - August 1, 2016

Savings look good on you

Savings look good on you

When shopping at Publix, how do you like to save? Do you like to skip the clip with digital coupons? Are you a shopper who likes to explore the aisles for sale items? Or do you like to plan ahead by stocking up on specials and BOGOs? At Publix, there are dozens of ways to save. So, what’s your saving style?

To draw more emphasis to the price value of shopping at Publix — on top of our premier service and quality products — we recently rolled out a new price campaign called Saving Style. It has a new look and feel, and replaces our Love to Shop Here. Love to Save Here. campaign. By now, you should see Saving Style materials throughout your store.

So, if you haven’t already decided which way you like to save the most, take this quiz to find out.

Which statement best describes you?

1. One of your favorite products is on sale.

A. You’ve had this day marked on your calendar since you saw your product in the weekly ad.
B. You’re going to buy two because two is always better than one.
C. It’s on sale and you’ve clipped a coupon. You’re smiling all the way to the register.
D. You had no idea it was on sale until you saw the sale sign. Today is your lucky day.
E. Your favorite product is always on sale because your favorite product is Publix brand, and you always get high quality at a fraction of the price.

2. Your kids are back in school and stress-free dinners are the way to go.

A. You know the weekly ad is your first resource for planning meals that will make both you and your family happy.
B. You get two of each of the foods you know will go fast, so you don’t have to do any last-minute shopping.
C. Over the weekend, you plan meals for each day by clipping coupons of family favorites.
D.Your best meal inspirations come from searching the shelves for sale items.
E. Publix Deli has exactly what you need — an inexpensive, complete meal for the whole family.

3. You’re on a family road trip, and you need lots of snacks for the long drive.

A. You stocked up on everyone’s favorite treats you saw advertised in the weekly ad.
B. It’s going to be a long trip, so you figure you should double up on each item (thank goodness for BOGOs).
C. You planned far enough in advance and picked up a variety of snacks with coupons over the past few weeks.
D.You’re getting last-minute goodies while checking the sale signs in the aisles.
E. You always take your Publix favorites with you wherever you go.

4. You’re in charge of food for a party.

A. You use the weekly ad to plan a yummy buffet you know everyone will enjoy.
B. You get two for the price of one because a good party host never runs out.
C. You clip coupons well in advance to create a delicious, inviting spread.
D. You like to mix it up a bit and stay under budget by selecting sale items on the shelves.
E. You reserve your Publix party platters and take all the credit — plus, cleanup is easy because everyone wants to take home the leftovers.

5. You’ve just moved into your college apartment.

A. You pick up a weekly ad and look for the best deals, just like mom taught you.
B. To get off on the right foot, you buy one for you and one for your roommate. (Shh, nobody needs to know you BOGOed the goods.)
C. You stretch your dollars by carefully planning simple meals using lots of coupons.
D.You gleefully fill your basket with items on sale after you scout your new neighborhood for the nearest Publix.
E. You love Publix brands, because they give you a taste of home within your limited budget.

Online Exclusive

Answer key — if you answer mostly:

A — You like to plan ahead and save through the weekly ad. Be sure to share tips with your customers, friends and family. (PS: You can find it online at as well as at the door of every store.)

B — You’re a BOGO boss. Pass on your knowledge to everyone you know.

C — You’re a coupon clipper. It doesn’t matter if they’re printed or digital, you know how to save with coupons.

D — You’re not much of a planner, but the in-store sale signs don’t get past you. Be sure to point them out to others when you’re shopping or helping a customer.

E — You’re Publix brand product loyal. You’re aware of the high quality that comes with the value of a Publix brand product. Make sure others are in on the secret too.

If your answers are a mix, you like to save a variety of ways. You know that your savings style may change with every shopping trip. Help your customers, friends and family know all the ways they can save while shopping at Publix.