By - July 1, 2013

Adult education opportunities are up for grabs


Did you know Publix can help you find adult education opportunities, including language courses, within your community?

Many cities and counties offer adult education courses like Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Education Development (GED) preparation, English as a Second Language (ESL), one-on-one tutoring and conversational Spanish and French. If you don’t know what may be available in your community, let Publix help you.

Publix’s training delivery department has researched and compiled the adult education opportunities offered in our operating areas. They can send you information if you’re interested in furthering your education or developing your skills. Chances are your community or one near you will have some courses available. The training delivery department has found adult education classes in each operating state.

Although the opportunities may vary state by state, most communities offer specific language courses like ESL and conversational Spanish. Some communities also offer conversational French.

If your native language isn’t English but you’re interested in learning, you can take ESL classes to help improve your basic understanding and use of the language. Most counties offer these types of classes in the evening, usually at local high schools.

PASSPortIf you want to brush up on a foreign language, see if there are conversational Spanish and French courses available in your town.

Don’t hesitate to see what adult education opportunities are available in your area. Request more information by completing the Adult Education Request Form on > Career and Self Development. After training delivery processes your request, you will receive a report with the names, locations and phone numbers of the organizations offering the  types of courses you’ve selected.