By - January 1, 2017

Heart Smart recipes for you

Penne Pasta Sauté

Publix Aprons Simple Meals recipes can help you eat with your heart in mind. Let be your go-to spot for recipes that can help you meet your special dietary requirements. You’ll find recipes designated as Heart Smart that meet specific criteria to help keep your ticker happy, and they’re based on important guidelines from the American Heart Association. For more information, visit

Here’s a delicious Heart Smart dinner menu from Aprons to get you started. It features strawberries, which are At Season’s Peak through March.

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Penne Pasta Sauté and Baby Salad Greens with Strawberries

Penne Pasta Saute and Baby Salad Greens with Strawberries

Cooking Sequence
Prepare pasta recipe through step 4 – 30 minutes
Prepare salad and complete pasta; serve – 5 minutes




At Season’s Peak Feature: Strawberries

Florida strawberries are at their best from January through March. They’re an excellent source of vitamin C. Eight medium strawberries (5.3 oz) are only 50 calories and provide 160% of the vitamin C you need in a day. Follow these tips to enjoy strawberries at their finest:

  • Eat them up as soon as you can!
  • Refrigerate no longer than three days.
  • For best flavor, allow berries to come to room temperature.

Just before eating, rinse with cool water, then remove the green caps with a sharp paring knife, or by a sharp twist.