By - March 1, 2017

Get the job you want

Career corner

Are you ready for your ideal job at Publix?

As you master your current area of work and become ready for the next chapter of your Publix career, it’s important to understand what’s required of the position you are interested in. Here are some tips to guide you in the process for making that move.

  • The first step in your journey is to understand what you are most passionate about and naturally do best. Ask yourself questions like, “What do I believe I do best?”, “What do others say I do best?”, and “What am I most recognized for at work?” Define the areas of interest to you and in which you have a lot of experience. Then look for positions within those areas that best match your skill sets.
  • Find out the requirements and responsibilities of the position in which you are interested. Make sure you have the knowledge, experience, skills and education to qualify for the position. Obtain the preferred qualifications, and greatly increase your chances of receiving an interview. If you need to improve your skills or education, explore one of the many adult learning programs that offer the preparation you need for the position you want.
  • In addition to thinking about the requirements of the job you want, think about who the supervisor would want to hire. Continue to strengthen those attributes that would make you the ideal candidate.
  • If you think you need more experience in a particular area, look for positions within the company where you can gain the additional skills you need to continue your professional growth. Or, network and have a conversation with the hiring manager over the role you would like to earn and find out how to gain the experience you need.
  • Let your manager know if you decide to apply for a position. It’s always best to be honest and let him or her know you’re applying for another job and the reasons for doing so. For example, you may wish to gain additional or different work experience, take on higher level or more challenging work, move into a position where you manage others, etc. Your manager may have additional ideas or resources to help get you on the right career path.