By - May 1, 2017

Is your resume ready to impress and help you shine?


You found a position you want to apply for; now what? It’s time to update your resume. A well-crafted resume can open the door to your dream job. Use these tips to refine it.

Get to the point, and get to it quickly.
We live in a fast-paced world these days where many of us are time starved, so it’s important to be clear and concise. Within one to two pages, your resume should show hiring managers your professionalism and potential for success in the position. It should also show you made an effort to customize your resume for the job you seek. Crunched for time, most hiring managers are only able to quickly review a resume before making a decision to interview or not — so this first impression is very important.

It must include the basics.
Making your resume unique might help you stand out, but you must not forget the basics — work experience, job titles, responsibilities, years worked in each position and your contact information. Highlight your experience by utilizing four to six bullet points per position. And, while you’re at it, replace the objective section with a personal statement that brands you, which is now preferred. It should help describe your experience, talents, accomplishments and value. For those with many previous roles, only elaborate on the ones pertinent to the position for which you’re applying. You may choose to omit your address on your resume because managers may be unaware of your willingness to travel or relocate. Be sure to include your community involvement, achievements, awards and anything that would make your resume memorable. It’s your time to shine.

Use keywords to stand out.
List the skills or experience you have that match the requirements you see on the job posting. Managers are looking for associates who possess the skills it takes to perform the job, so make sure your resume matches your talents with these job requirements.

Add in the numbers.
Quantify your achievements with anything related to time, money or people. Think as a hiring manager with a choice between a candidate who “implemented 10 department improvements” and one who “implemented department improvements.” Who would you pick?

Invite a fresh set of eyes to take a look.
Congratulations on updating your resume, but there’s one last step — have someone else review it. After reading your resume over and over again, it’s easy to miss an error or two. Don’t let misspelled words or typos keep you from an interview. Additionally, make sure your formatting is the same. Consistency and attention to detail are important when trying to impress a hiring manager. Ask someone you trust to proof your resume. This extra step can prevent quick elimination and move you one step closer to landing the job you’re after.