By - June 1, 2017

Relocation: are you willing to do it?

dedicated to our associates

It’s no secret that Publix is growing. We’re expanding throughout the Carolinas and Virginia, and we’re adding new stores in our other states. If you’re looking to grow your career, relocating to help open a new store or fill a critical opening could be the right move.

Why relocate?

It’s not an easy decision to move to a new area, and leaving friends or family can be intimidating. But, new stores need associates like you — hardworking individuals who want to share their love of Publix.

Some of our new stores are opening in communities that don’t know us. When you transfer to one of these stores, you have the opportunity to turn skeptics into lifetime Publix shoppers or associates! And as a company owner, creating loyal customers can only benefit you in the long-run.

Plus, our growth means we need more people in leadership positions. If you’ve been waiting to take that next step, but haven’t had the opportunity at a nearby location, maybe it’s time to make a move. New markets may help you grow your career more quickly.

What about support positions?

If you want to work in our corporate offices, manufacturing or distribution, you may need to relocate as well. We have support facilities in several cities throughout our five divisions, including a new produce snacks manufacturing facility in Orlando, Florida.

Identifying critical openings

There are three ways to learn where we need you the most.

  1. Go to PASSport > Personal > Career & Self Development to see which stores have critical needs.
  1. Learn about store and support openings, job fairs and seasonal opportunities by visiting the Publix Jobs Blog at
  1. Search for current support job openings at Answer “Are you a Publix associate?” and log in with the same credentials you use to log in to PASSport. Here, you can search by keyword, job category or location.

Next steps

Once you’ve found a retail store or area you want to help, all you have to do to request a transfer is fill out the electronic form at PASSport > Personal > Career & Self Development > Retail Transfer >  Transfer Requests. If you are a support associate interested in transferring to retail, talk to your manager because your process is different. To apply for support positions, fill out the online application and upload your resume and cover letter.

If you’re unsure about the direction you want to take, talk to your manager about your future with Publix. They can guide you toward a career path that’s rewarding for you and Publix. Why would your manager help you transfer? Because we’re all in this together. If you succeed, we succeed, and that’s why Publix is a great place to work.

Are you interested in working in a support role, but you aren’t sure where you would fit? Check out the Publix Careers Job Match system at Answer a few questions to see a list of potential positions that match your skills and experience.

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