By - January 1, 2018

Up your game with DIY football fun

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Not everyone comes to watch football. These DIY games are perfect for friends who look forward to the commercial breaks.

Big game bingo

Create a new competition on game day with this easy bingo-themed activity.


  • Copier paper or card stock
  • Markers
  • Football sticker


  1. At the top of each piece of paper, write “Big Game BINGO”
  2. Create a grid with five boxes across and fiveboxes down. There should be 25 boxes total.
  3. In the center row, third box across, place a football sticker.
  4. Fill in the remaining boxes with commercial themes or brands. Make sure each card is different.

At the beginning of the game, hand out the bingo cards to anyone who wants to play. You decide the prize — it’s your party, after all.


Commercial referee

For this activity, you and your friends call the shots. Decide which commercials are a win and the ones that need to sit on the bench.


  • Jumbo Popsicle sticks
  • Card stock
  • Black marker


  1. Decorate the cardstock with different reactions like pass the chips, change the channel, lol and more.
  2. Glue each cardstock to a different jumbo Popsicle stick.
  3. Make the same number of scorecards for each partygoer.

Have everyone vote for the wins — and losses — with these fun signs!