By - May 1, 2017

Vigilant associate saves customer thousands

tore Manager Fred Grunwald, #313, Jupiter, Florida, receives a gold coin.

Scammers are creative when attempting to trick our customers, but thanks to vigilant associates like Store Manager Fred Grunwald, #313, Jupiter, Florida, they don’t always win.

Earlier this year, one of our customers received a call that almost cost her $2,000. The caller claimed to be a lawyer and stated her grandson had been arrested on a charge of driving under the influence and asked her to send $2,000 to bail him out of jail. The caller also placed someone who sounded like her grandson on the phone who said, “Grandma, help please. Send the money.”

They instructed her to go to Publix and purchase a certain gift card within one hour. After arriving at #313, the customer and her husband were unable to locate the right one. So she asked for Fred’s help and told him why she needed the card.

Fred warned her the situation sounded like a scam. She argued it couldn’t be a scam because she believed she heard her grandson’s voice. Fred calmed her down and told her he could not let her lose this money.

“Her husband was shocked I was trying to turn down a $2,000 sale, but part of my job is providing a safe environment for my customers and associates — so I knew I couldn’t let her buy these gift cards,” Fred said.

They tried to call her grandson, but he didn’t answer the phone. So Fred called the police instead — who confirmed it was indeed a scam.

“If it wasn’t for him [Fred], I would have fallen for this and lost my money. His service was outstanding, and he went out of his way to help me. I am very grateful,” the customer said.

Fred was presented a gold coin by District Manager Dave Taylor for his commitment to protecting our customers.

The gold coin is presented to associates who embrace the Publix culture and provide premier service the way Mr. George himself would have. Receiving a gold coin means you’ve made a real difference in the lives of others by going above and beyond. Associates can become eligible for the gold coin by receiving customer praise through the customer care department, which reviews each case based on established criteria and guidelines.

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