By - February 1, 2018

10 reasons customers like us on social media

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Our customers think of Publix as an extension of their family, and they enjoy sharing their photos and love on social media. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share with you just 10 of the reasons customers on Instagram love Publix.

Special Olympics - community
1. We’re good neighbors.
Customers appreciate how we give back in our communities.

2. Four letters: C-A-K-E
From birthdays to new jobs, our bakers don’t just bake amazing cakes — they help create memories.

3. We make going to school fun.
Children and adults love learning tips and tricks during their cooking classes at our Aprons Cooking Schools.

Missing Publix
4. We’re their home away from home.
While some customers may move outside of our operating area, they love making a Publix run when one is close by on trips.

5. We share a special bond.
From helping our customers try new products to bonding with them at checkout, we become friends that turn into family.

Online Exclusive

Instagram-KeylimeSprinkle Cookies

6. Our sprinkle cookies and Key lime pie make bad days better.
After a long day at the office, our customers swing by for the perfect remedy to a long day — a Publix Bakery Key Lime Pie or sprinkle cookie.

Instagram-PubSubs PublixSubs
7. Publix Subs
Publix Deli subs have a cult-like following, with every customer having a favorite.

 Instagram-Halloween Instagram-Produce Grapes

8. Our colorful produce section
Children and adults love picking out fresh produce and enjoy our unique selection of products, including cotton candy grapes.

fried chicken fried chicken

9. Publix Deli fried chicken is at the center of social gatherings.
Whether it’s a road trip with friends or a family picnic, our fried chicken has been bringing friends and family together for years.
Family Publix Kids Kids at Publix

10. We take good care of our youngest customers.
What can we say? Children love visiting Publix — and we love them!