By - February 1, 2019

Plato’s Path: February 2019

Plato hero-2

Where will Plato go next? It’s up to you! Take Plato along on your trek across the globe. Snap a picture with Plato on a nature trail, at the top of a mountain, or working on his tan at the beach. Send us your photos for a chance to be featured!

Thankfully, dinosaurs don’t need passports. To take Plato along for the ride, download and print your own Plato or find a paper Plato in your Publix Communication Center. Then, snap a pic and send it to Be sure to include your name, work location and photo caption.

Feb. Week 2



4: The Grand Canyon is home to millions of years of geological history, including when Plato’s ancestors roamed the earth!


5: Viva Las Vegas! Plato hit the strip in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.


6: Road trips are always better with a buddy. Plato and friends hopped on the road to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The famous Blue Ridge Parkway spans 469 miles, from Virginia to North Carolina!

Feb. Week 1



1: Green is definitely his color. Plato hit the driving course for the Publix Truck Driving Championship in Jacksonville, Florida..


2: The Big Apple is full of big adventures. Plato went to New York City and found One World Trade Center in the skyline.


3: Plato took time to stop and smell the flowers — and learn a new language — while visiting Thailand.