By - January 1, 2019

Plato’s Path is your path, too!


The new year is here, and with it, a year of new adventures. Wherever you go in 2019, now you can take Plato the Publixaurus along for the ride!

Whether you’re eating a Pub sub on the beach this summer or walking through the fall foliage up north, bring Plato, snap a pic and submit it for a chance to be featured in Publix News!

And if you’re worried there might not be room for this delightful dinosaur in the family car, think again. A paper Plato should be available in your Publix Communication Center or print your own.

Send your pictures to Be sure to include your name, work location and photo caption.

Check back to see where Plato’s Path takes him!

How Publix Hatched Plato  

You’ve probably seen our dynamic dino as a mascot at grand openings or on a kid’s coloring page in our stores. But do you know Plato’s history? He became the Publix mascot in 1991 to promote education, nutrition and environmental awareness. Visit the Publix Checkout Blog to learn more of Plato’s story.

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  • Plato’s Path is your path, too!
    Plato’s Path is your path, too!