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Settle in for some Dadvice – advice from Dad

Dad advice

This month, we embrace warmer weather, celebrate summer and honor dear old Dad on Father’s Day.

“Life is precious. Remember, every day is a holiday, every meal is a feast and every second is a blessing.”
— Dad of Jay Harvey, loss prevention


“Always remember to treat every customer as a friend, and work like there is a contest to perform your job.”
— Dad of Jim Benedict #1202, Pelham, Alabama

My dad left me this note 20 years ago and I keep it in my wallet as a reminder to be smart with my money. “Trying to be the biggest will always keep you broke!”
— Dad of Crystal Miller #1377, Dothan, Alabama


“Sometimes in life, less is more.” — Dad of Debra Reed #124, Homestead, Florida

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“A reputation takes a lifetime to build and only a moment to destroy. Live above reproach.”
— Dad of Dave Hendon #1080, The Villages, Florida


“Let your conscience be your guide.”
— Dad of Michael Sawyer #304, Daytona Beach, Florida


“When you genuinely care for the work that you do and the people you meet, that’s when you know you’ve made it.”
— Dad of Tom Killay #1440, Orlando, Florida

“Never say, ‘I can’t.’ Remember, you haven’t failed unless you quit, and you might surprise yourself by what you can accomplish.”
— Dad of Robert Schneider #712, Riverview, Florida

“There are no secrets to success; it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”
— Grandfather of Daryn LaMontagne, Jacksonville return center

“If at first you don’t succeed, get a bigger hammer. Make sure you’re using the best tools for the task.”
— Dad of John Schultz #420, New Port Richey, Florida


“Honesty and your word is the only thing of real value you have.”
— Dad of Sam Sheets, facilities design

“The greatest gift we give to another person is to be a good example.”
— Dad of Michael Wells, Lakeland LV distribution center

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