By - February 1, 2019

Untappd app tracks our (beer) taps


We’re keeping app with our local beers.

Step over to POURS to tap into somethin’ special: small-batch offerings from local breweries.

One tap is dedicated to hyperlocal flavors and limited-edition brews when possible. But getting these specialty beers takes a little planning and a lot of relationship building. Our buyers reach out to local breweries months in advance to find out what they have in the works. Then, they work with the brewery to get a keg or two — and some bottles, if possible — for our store.

But the coolest part of this whole deal? (Ok, we know. Nothing is better than local beer, but this is pretty awesome, too.) We’re using Untappd to power our menu board. That means you can tap the app to see what’s on tap, including those unique, small-batch specialties. If you see something you like, head to the counter and grab a glass before the keg is dry — as long as you’re not working, of course.

Wanna know what’s on tap right now?

Download Untappd from the app store or Google Play to see the menu and what our customers are saying about today’s selection.