By - February 1, 2019

“Waste not, want not” and what not


When it comes to sustainability, sometimes it’s the little things that count.

Keeping the green in GreenWise Market is second nature. From fixtures to packaging, our team took sustainable sourcing to a whole new level. Here are just a few you may (or may not) know about.

Reclaimed wood


No trees were harmed in the making of the EATS bars or the crates in the produce section. Or, more accurately, no currently living trees were harmed. These planks have been around for a while.



It’s plywood made from bamboo. And since bamboo is a grass, it grows back fast. So, yeah, the rest of the wood in the store comes from a completely sustainable resource, too.

Zero Zone®


These cases are home to our dairy and frozen foods, have LED lights and use less electricity than traditional cold cases.

Recyclable packaging


We put an emphasis on paper for our straws, burrito bowls and disposable bags (all of which are sustainably sourced). In CUTS, the meat trays are accepted by most curbside recycling programs — unlike traditional foam trays. Same for the containers in produce. And the packages for our freshly-baked items were chosen for their minimal use of plastic.