By - June 1, 2019

We’re keeping plenty of fish in the sea

Seafood sustainability

What do you get when you combine a lifetime of innovation with a passion for the environment? Publix, of course!

Passionate about the environment

Leading the way in seafood sustainability starts with working with organizations that share our passion and dedication. Together, we’ve developed and implemented a three-phase program designed to continually work through and resolve issues impacting sustainability in the seafood industry.

Phase 1: Research and data collection

Each year, we thoroughly research products sold in our seafood department.

Phase 2: Product evaluation, decisions and improvement projects

In conjunction with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), we

  • evaluate our sources of supply
  • determine which of the sources need improvement and
  • prioritize the areas that need work.

This process helps us decide whether to sell a product, enhance fisheries through improvement projects or halt the sale of a product while working on solutions.

Phase 3: Implementation

Based on the SFP fishery assessments, we then make companywide purchasing decisions to support sustainable fishing efforts. Both wild and farmed fisheries that are willing to participate in improvement projects are supported in our sustainability program. Once evaluations have been assessed, we will then make decisions to switch supply sources or to stop carrying a product if necessary.

Unlike other seafood sustainability programs, we don’t focus on an end date — sustainability is about continuous improvement. After all, the road to a better environment and an improved industry is a journey, not a destination.

Let’s do good together

We are making great strides in the seafood industry, but it isn’t just the environment that benefits — you do too! So, what does that mean for you? Look for the responsibly, sustainably or GreenWise sustainably sourced icons when you purchase seafood in our stores to help us do good.


Wild-caught — Considered managed by the SFP or in a credible, graded fishery improvement project.

Farm-raised — The farm level of the supply chain qualifies for a Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI)-approved ecolabel. May also be certified at the hatchery, plant and/or feed levels.


Wild-caught — Qualifies for a GSSI-approved ecolabel or evaluated by the SFP and considered well managed.

Farm-raised — All four levels of the supply chain (farm, hatchery, plant and feed) qualify for a GSSI-approved ecolabel. Shellfish must qualify at all three levels of the supply chain (farm, hatchery and plant).


Wild-caught — Meets all the sustainably sourced criteria above. Additionally, contains no bisulfates, phosphates, nonphosphates or other processing aids.

Farm-raised — Meets all the sustainably sourced criteria above. Additionally, is raised without ever using antibiotics or hormones and contains no bisulfates, phosphates, nonphosphates or other processing aids.