By - January 1, 2018

5 ways to go green and save money


We’ve broken down the top five ways you can go green at home without losing the green in your wallet.

  1. Your laundry. When you switch your water temperature from hot to cold, you don’t just save the energy used to heat the water, but you also save up to 25 cents per load. Washing four loads a week in cold water could save you up to $52 per year in energy costs.
  2. Your thermostat. Lowering your heater’s temperature by just two degrees could lower your bill by as much as $40 per year. In warmer months, it can add up even more! Raising your thermostat from 73 to 78 degrees in the summer could have you paying 40 percent less on your cooling costs.
  3. Your bathroom. A family of four could save nearly $200 a year on water if they upgrade two toilets made before 1992 to low-flow ones. Don’t forget the shower — replacing an older shower head with a low-flow one could save your family an additional $540 per year.
  4. Your yard. Help reduce cooling costs the natural way — with shade! Plant trees in strategic locations around the south and west sides of your home and near your air conditioning unit. The shade not only saves you from the sun’s heat, but also about $250 a year in cooling costs.
  5. Your water. Switching from bottled water to reusable water bottles could save you nearly $325 per year. If you’re not a fan of tap water, a faucet-mounted water filter will only set you back $30 — far less than what you’d spend annually on bottled water.

Making these changes can benefit the environment and your wallet. Check out how Publix has also incorporated environmentally friendly efforts throughout our stores by visiting