By - September 1, 2016

Customer value is alive in our mission

Our Mission at Publix

You could walk into one of our stores blindfolded and know you’re at Publix even before you take it off! Why is that? What’s so different about Publix than any other grocery store?

It smells like fresh baked bread. It sounds friendly and welcoming. It just feels different. Our stores are special because of our people, products, services and the overall shopping experience. Customer service plays a big role in what makes us stand out. At Publix, customer service is making sure a variety of quality products are in stock and on the shelf, providing a clean store for customers to shop in, and having well-trained, efficient, friendly and knowledgeable associates ready to answer questions.

Customers could shop at discount markets or other competitors, but they see the value in shopping with us instead. And it’s our job to keep them happy and coming back by reminding them why they chose to shop at Publix .

So, what can we do to make sure our customers feel valued through their shopping experiences? It ties right back to Mr. George’s lesson — Treat Customers Like Royalty. Mr. George ran a better store than the competition, and to him, that meant the store should be inviting and comfortable. Satisfying customers’ needs was his pleasure, and that made customers feel like royalty while they shopped.

Our mission at Publix is to be the premier quality food retailer in the world. To that end, we commit to be: passionately focused on customer value; intolerant of waste; dedicated to the dignity, value and employment security of our associates; devoted to the highest standards of stewardship for our stockholders; and involved as responsible citizens in our communities.

His lesson — and this point of our mission — is still every bit as true today. Customers let us know we’re doing the right thing by making us No. 1 in Temkin’s Customer Experience rating, ranking us among the country’s favorite supermarkets on, and through various other awards and acknowledgements. But it’s up to each of us to make sure we keep it up. Customer value at Publix is different than any place else, and it’s important we continue what Mr. George started.

So let’s all make Mr. George’s birthday special this month — and every month — by following in his footsteps and doing the right thing for our customers!

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