By - August 1, 2017

Human resources teams are here for you

Dept. Spotlight

There are many great teams under the human resources (HR) umbrella here to serve you. Last month, you read about associate relations and talent management and diversity. This month, we will highlight education and training development (ETD), labor relations and the survey office.


Education and training development
Do you remember your first day as a Publix associate or maybe your first few weeks in a new job? More than likely you participated in an orientation or a job class training program developed by our ETD department. Learning the knowledge and skills needed to perform a new job can be challenging. This team is dedicated to ensuring you have the reference and procedure guides, training and education to learn your new job and understand Publix’s standards.

This team helps grow our company leaders through a companywide leadership development curriculum, leadership development website, mentoring programs and services like team building activities.

ETD is also responsible for Learning — the system that helps you know what training needs to be completed and when.

And, let’s not forget who facilitates some of the training. At Publix, we have training specialists who conduct classes and lead workshops to help develop you.

Why do they do all this? At Publix, you are our greatest asset. You make the difference between a customer’s decision to come back to shop with us or not. So, it’s important you’re set up for success — because you make Publix successful.

Labor relations

Labor relations
When outside interest groups seek to involve Publix in their labor disputes, we have a team within HR to serve as their primary contact. Our labor relations team helps minimize the disruption to Publix by educating, training and providing assistance to managers. They also conduct research to understand the labor environment.

Survey office

Survey office
Have you ever completed a Publix survey? Maybe it was our Annual Voice Survey (AVS), Internal Service Survey or a Fresh Quality Assessment. If you answered yes, then you’ve experienced firsthand the work of our survey office.

The survey office designs, administers and analyzes internal Publix surveys and assessments using in-house resources. Or said another way, Publix associates collect feedback from Publix associates for our company.

They’re responsible for assessing and maintaining important benchmarks of our culture like being treated with dignity and respect. They serve as a consultant for departments or teams looking to assess the impact of a process change, improvement initiative or if an objective is being met. Then, the survey office designs a survey to capture actionable feedback. After validating and analyzing the data, they deliver statistical results and trends to those who sponsored the survey or assessment.

So, now you have it — more HR teams working for you. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes looks at other departments at Publix.