By - November 1, 2016

Mr. George had a mission — being dedicated to you

Our Mission at Publix

Mr. George valued his associates above all else. He built our company centered around respecting individuals because he knew how valuable they were to Publix’s success.

This part of our mission is something Mr. George felt passionate about from the very beginning. You can see his story come alive and learn much more about how Publix became the company it is today by visiting PASSport > Our Company > History > Mr. George Documentary.

Mr. George founded Publix because he wanted to run a better business, and he believed that meant being dedicated to the dignity, value and employment security of his associates. It was just as important to him back then as it is to Publix leaders today that associates working here view their jobs as more than a paycheck.

Publix is dedicated to the dignity and value of each associate by encouraging associates to speak for themselves. As company owners, we can voice our opinions to our leaders and provide ideas to make Publix stronger. And our leaders make themselves available to us in formal ways, such as during Associate Appreciation Visits and through the open door policy.

Benefits like promotion from within, health insurance and retirement plans make us want to build a career here and help us feel secure. And knowing we’re responsible for making Publix better than it was the day before provides us motivation to be the best at each task we complete — because we all benefit when Publix is successful.

When our mission statement was written, there was a lot of thought given to what each point would say, and together, they make up the company we are today and what we strive to be tomorrow. But Mr. George had you in mind before he ever opened his doors for business. And that’s why we saved sharing this part of the mission with you. Without associates who live the Publix culture every day, we wouldn’t be this strong. So, thank you. Thank you for doing the right thing. Thank you for continuing what Mr. George started. And thank you for being a Publix associate.

Our mission at Publix is to be the premier quality food retailer in the world. To that end, we commit to be: passionately focused on customer value; intolerant of waste; dedicated to the dignity, value and employment security of our associates; devoted to the highest standards of stewardship for our stockholders; and involved as responsible citizens in our communities.

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